T&T Scientific Corp: The Future of Liposome Technology


Welcome to T&T Scientific. We are very glad you are here. Our company was founded with the goal of making your lipids and liposomes more effective and efficient. We develop our tools with you in mind so you can focus on what is important. We offer products and consulting services so you always have the support you need.

T&T Scientific has introduced a low-cost, single-use liposome extrusion device that simplifies the process of preparing liposomes for research laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and clinical settings around the globe. Unlike anything available to date, NanoSizerTM extruders ensure cleanliness and sterility while reducing the overall time of use from 45-60 minutes to 2 minutes. The low dead-volume design saves research dollars by reducing the amount of valuable biological material lost with conventional syringe filters. Liposomes, polymerosomes, or related therapeutics can now be safely and effectively prepared in college science labs, academic research labs, pharmaceutical labs and production facilities labs, and even in hospitals and clinical settings. NanoSizerTM extrusion technology from T&T brings confidence, convenience, and simplicity to doctors and scientists all around the world.

Patent pending automated NanoSizerTM AUTO continuous extrusion equipment is now available, enabling clean, fast and inexpensive sizing and production of liposomes. T&T Scientific is transforming liposome production of small and large volumes of solutions alike by simplifying scale-up from research laboratory to in-house pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our patent pending NanoSizerTM AUTO continuous extrusion technology utilizes single-use, fully-assembled NanoSizerTM extrusion cartridges to provide a clean, easy-to-use and quick platform for extruding up to hundreds of liters of solutions and formulations. Automated options are available for processing a range of volumes from milliliters (NanoSizerTM AUTO I) to hundreds of liters (NanoSizerTM AUTO Plus). 

T&T's competitive advantage is a result of the team's combined experience in the medical device industry and in liposome-based research. We spent years preparing and working with liposomes during graduate studies while developing an intimate understanding of the practical challenges and opportunities that exist when working with liposomes. Our team is currently focused on solving the problems associated with liposome extrusion, a process typically performed using technology that has not evolved significantly in 30 years. Our team has years of experience in industry and academia developing and manufacturing plastic single-use medical devices. This industry experience was naturally applied to develop NanoSizerTM: the world's first single-use liposome extruder. Copending patents protect the single-use extruder technology, NanoSizerTM AUTO, and others that support the expansion of the NanoSizerTM product family. Intellectual property aside, T&T is setting a new standard for clean, simple, ready-to-use liposome extrusion and production of liposome devices.

We truly understand the value of customer service, and we understand the need for unrivaled quality with our products. We strive to provide a level of customer service that exceeds customer expectations. In terms of quality, we aim to instill 100% confidence in our customers.