DMPC:CHOL:mPEG2000-DSPE (50/45/5, mol/mol)

DMPC:CHOL:mPEG2000-DSPE (50/45/5, mol/mol)

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Lipid DMPC:CHOL:mPEG2000-DSPE (50/45/5, mol/mol)
Buffer 10mM Phosphate Buffered Saline -BPS pH 7.4 (Request for other custom buffers)
Storage 4-8 C - DO NOT FREEZE (Recommended Use by 4 Weeks After Arrival)
Usage For Research ONLY
Vial Size

Sealed Glass Injection vials and temper-evident closure

10mL Poly Crimp Seal Injectable Caps Vials (for 10mL and 100mL)

50mL Poly Crimp Seal Injectable Caps Vials (for 1000mL or 1L)

In the Package

Blue or Dry Ice Packaged Vials

Sample Extrusion Pack - Including 2 Extruders, 4 Syringes and Needles

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