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Characterizing Liposome Formation, Structure, and Stability with Complementary Techniques

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NanoSizer Mini Lipid and Liposome Extruder

NanoSizer MINI

NanoSizer MINI is the world’s first fully assembled lipid, liposome, and liquid polymer and nanoparticle extruder allowing researchers to save time and money, and avoid any chance of batch to batch contaminations which could save valuable laboratory and pharmaceutical solutions. Faster, cleaner, and easier extrusion and sizing every single time. NanoSizer MINI not only allows for performing research with highest level of confidence of cleanliness, it will also save tremendous amount of time and money to maximize the efficiency of the work. No assembly, cleaning or contamination.

NanoSizer Mini
NanoSizer Sterile Lipid and Liposome Extruder

NanoSizer MINI Sterile

NanoSizer MINI and PLUS Sterile are the world’s first disposable sterilized and fully assembled lipid/liposome extruder for sizing liposome, and liquid polymer and nanoparticle allowing researchers to save time and money, and avoid any chance of batch to batch contamination and growing bacteria which can save you precious laboratory and pharmaceutical solutions. Faster, cleaner, and easier extrusion every single time. Great for cell-included sizing research and sterilized liposome production. No need for autoclaving. Ethylene Oxide (EtO) sterilization process is perfoemed for sterilizing the extruder.

NanoSizer MINI Sterile
NanoSizer AUTOmated liposome production

NanoSizer AUTO

NanoSizer AUTO is transforming fully sterile liposome production of small and large volumes of solution alike, simplifying scale-up from the research labs to pharmaceutical manufacturing. This technology allows to extrude liposomes by pressing a button whether is 1 mL or 300 L with no need of assembling or cleaning. The fact that the temperature, flow rate, pressure, and number of passes are completely controlled makes the results consistent and repeatable which is a great factor in research, development and production of these nanoparticles.

NanoSizer AUTO
Continuous Large Scale Manufacturing of Liposome and Lipid Nanoparticle Solutions  Small to Large Scale Batch Sizes  Thin Film Hydration Method  Extrusion Technique Using NanoSizer Technology  Sonication Process  Ethanol Injection System  Process Developm

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