Ms. Ginger Smith Fills the Vital Role of Director of Quality Assurance at T&T Scientific

T&T Scientific is excited to add another critical expert to its management team and to introduce Ms. Ginger Smith, its new Director of Quality Assurance. We are so fortunate that she has enthusiastically accepted to join our organization to fill this vital management role immediately.

Before joining T&T Scientific, Ms. Smith directed projects and research for biotech manufacturing, working directly with regulatory consultants from the United States, Canada, and Europe (ECHA). Ms. Smith has worked alongside executive leadership, the internal Science Medical Advisory Board, and all levels of management in establishing workflow processes, projects, and corporate policies. Worked with each department to acquire accurate reports, and establish realistic timelines and results regarding scientific testing.

  • Research-based on efficacy and safety of biotech product line
  • Organizing national and international laboratory testing
  • Organizing continuous laboratory testing projects according to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) standards
  • Established company-wide regulatory standards through research
  • Facilitated communications and projects with the company's Science and Medical Advisory Board
  • Delegates project assignments to relevant departments and consultants
  • Provide research, testing, and resources needed for project and product development
  • Develop relationships with food manufacturing, medical, and veterinary disciplines to draft research proposals for industry needs
  • Established workflow processes and managed corporate policies, including NDA policies
  • Verified and ensured development and execution of regulatory documents, including EPA required documents, FDA Design Control, and OSHA regulated Safety Data Sheets
  • Developed vendor relationships to improve company capabilities
  • Monitor marketing and sales language to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Improved company shipping protocol to transport environmentally sensitive samples in compliance with domestic and international shipping regulations

In another valuable year of experience, she has been in the role of Microbiologist and Field and Lab Technician at Microbac Laboratories, providing extensive in-field sampling, detailed process analysis, and targeted safety recommendations for clients ranging from restaurants to large food production operations.

-Performed detailed sampling/swabbing of food production and assembly lines, and cooking equipment, sanitation components, and support systems in an effort to identify the presence of hazardous microbial growth

-Improved facility compliance with safety, USDA, FDA, OSHA, and other guidelines by continuously evaluating processes and developing accurate documentation to track trends and progress

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