2000 nm NanoSizer MINI Liposome Extruder (Box of 10)

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NanoSizerTM Extruders enable rapid extrusion of liposomespolymerosomescell membranes, and colloidal suspensions. NanoSizerTM can be used in general nanoparticle sizing and filtration applications. Each extruder contains a single clean track-etched polycarbonate membrane. A range of pore-sizes is available: 50 nm, 100 nm, 200 nm, 400 nm, 800 nm, 1 µm, 2 µm, 5 µm, 1 µm. All other sizes may be available on request: contact us at info@ttscientific.com.  

  • FAST - Fully Assembled
  • EASY - Ready to Use
  • CLEAN - Single Use, No Cleaning Required
  • CONTAMINATION-FREE - No Batch to Batch Contamination
  • Compatible with Optional Heat/Extrusion Block, our patent pending extrusion block allows firmly holding of extruder system in place.

T&T NanoSizer Lipid and Liposome Extruder

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