Analytical Services - Contract Research Organization (CRO)

T&T Scientific is providing analytical laboratory services to academia, government laboratories, and companies. T&T Scientific is staffed by skilled scientists, specialists, and state of the art laboratory using the latest and best technology with years of academic and industry knowledge and expertise. We are devoted to delivering not only the best in analytical testing and characterization services but also the most dependable and consistent. We are well-resourced to help you with any of your complex projects. Below is the list of services we offer:

Liposome, Lipid Nanoparticles, Lipids and Particle Analysis:

    cGMP Product Development: 

    • Design, Planning, and Development
    • GMP Requirement and Strategy
    • Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)
    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)
    • Management and Training
    • Verification and Validation
    • Quality Compliance  and Risk Management
    • Audit

    T&T results will provide you with a full analytical technical report. We offer these services with the highest quality at the most competitive rates.

    At T&T, we work in a wide range of fields:

    Pharmaceuticals Nuteruceutical and Supplements Cosmetics  Academic Research
    Drug Delivery
    Biophysics & Biochemistry
    Nano Emulsions
    Polymers & Copolymers  
    Nano Particles (NP's) Lipid Bilayers & Membranes Lipidomics  Exosomes & Endosomes
    Novel Therapeutics  Cell Membrane & Transport NanoMedicine
    Complex Nano Biologics

    Tell us more about your project and application and one of our 
    Liposome Tech Experts will review it immediately.