Directories and Sources

Website Location Field of Practice and Indications
Amytrx Therapeutics AL - Birmingham Peptide Therapies
Protagonist Therapeutics Australia - Brisbane Oral peptides
Neuroscientific Biopharmaceuticals Australia - Cottesloe Peptide for neurological   treatments
InterK Peptide Therapeutics Australia - Lane Cove   West Synthetic Peptides to Treat   Cancer
Lateral Pharma Australia - Melbourne Repurposed Peptide
PYC Therapeutics Australia - Nedlands Peptide drug discovery
Imugene Australia - Sydney Peptide immunotherapy
Antagonis Biotherapeutics Austria - Graz Glycan antagonist peptide for   immuno-oncology applications
Ever Neuro Pharma Austria - Unterach Small molecule/peptide for   neurology
APEPTICO Austria - Vienna Peptide Drugs
invIOs Austria - Vienna Novel cancer immunotherapies,   cell, siRNA, peptides
OncoQr Austria - Vienna Cancer Immunotherapy
Myosana Therapeutics AZ - Scottsdale Non-viral Gene Therapy
Susavion   Biosciences AZ - Tempe Bio-active Peptides
Symvivo BC - Burnaby Bacterial-based gene delivery   platform
Nanovation Therapeutics BC - Vancouver Gene Therapy
NervGen Pharma BC - Vancouver Peptide inhibitor of protein   tyrosine phosphatase sigma
Sierra Oncology BC - Vancouver DNAi
Flamingo Therapeutics Belgium - RNA Therapeutics
Genflow Biosciences Belgium - Charleroi Anti-aging Gene Therapy
Aelin Therapeutics Belgium - Ghent Peptide-based Biologics
Aelin Therapeutics Belgium - Leuven Peptide-based Biologics
Ziphius Vaccines Belgium - Merelbeke Self-amplifying RNA Vaccine
eTheRNA immunotherapies Belgium - Niel MRNA Therapies
ApexQubit CA - Berkeley microRNA & mRNA
Mammoth Biosciences CA - Brisbane Diagnostics using CRISPR,   Gene-Editing Therapies
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical CA - Brisbane Small Molecules, Biologics
NapaJen Pharma CA - Burlingame Oligonucleotide Drugs
Ionis Pharmaceuticals CA - Carlsbad RNA
4D Molecular   Therapeutics CA - Emeryville Gene Therapy
Dynavax   Technologies CA - Emeryville DNA Therapeutics
Nutcracker   Therapeutics CA - Emeryville mRNA manufacturing device
Benitec Biopharma CA - Hayward DdRNAi
Spotlight Therapeutics CA - Hayward In vivo Gene Editing
Matrix Biomed CA - Irvine Gene therapy for various cancers
Urovant Sciences CA - Irvine Small Molecule, Gene Therapy
Visus Therapeutics          Presbyopia-correcting eye drops
Avidity Biosciences CA - La Jolla Antibody-Oligonucleotide   Conjugates
Pfizer CA - La Jolla Peptides, Monoclonal Antibodies
DiNAQOR CA - Laguna Hills Gene Therapy for Heart   Conditions
CytRx CA - Los Angeles Small Molecules, DNA
Nuravax CA - Los Angeles DNA Vaccine
Vault Pharma CA - Los Angeles Peptide payloads for immune   signaling
Avellino Laboratories CA - Menlo Park Gene Therapy, Molecular   Diagnostics
CohBar CA - Menlo Park Mitochondrial-Derived Peptides
Rejuvenation Technologies CA - Mountain View Telomere Extension via   Nucleoside-modified TERT mRNA
Turn Biotechnologies CA - Mountain View mRNA Therapies
Protagonist Therapeutics CA - Newark Oral peptides for GI indications
Capsida Biotherapeutics CA - Newbury Park AAV Gene Therapy
Alzamend Neuro CA - Newport Beach Alzheimer's Treatment
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical CA - Novato Small Molecules, Biologics
Bioneer CA - Oakland Protein Synthesis Equipment   & Reagents
OrthoTrophix CA - Oakland Bone, cartilage and teeth   therapies
Aspa Therapeutics CA - Palo Alto Gene Therapy
GEn1E Lifesciences CA - Palo Alto Rare Diseases
Genascence CA - Palo Alto Musculoskeletal Gene Therapies
Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals CA - Pasadena RNAi
Genervon Biopharmaceuticals CA - Pasadena Synthetic Peptide
Flow Pharma CA - Pleasant Hill Personalized Therapeutic Cancer   Vaccine
Adverum Biotechnologies CA - Redwood City Adeno-Associated Virus Delivery,   Gene Therapy
Kriya Therapeutics CA - Redwood City Gene Therapy
Abintus Bio CA - San Diego Gene Therapy
ADARx CA - San Diego RNA Therapeutics
Arcturus Therapeutics CA - San Diego Lipid nanoparticle (LNP) siRNA   drug delivery systems
BioNTech CA - San Diego mRNA, Vaccines, Biologics
CEND Therapeutics CA - San Diego Proprietary tumor-penetrating   peptide technology
Cidara Therapeutics CA - San Diego Small molecules, peptide
Creyon Bio CA - San Diego Oligonucleotide-based Medicines
Eli Lilly CA - San Diego Biologics Discovery
Empirico CA - San Diego Genetics-Based Drug Discovery
Ensysce Biosciences CA - San Diego Cancer therapeutics
Haya Therapeutics CA - San Diego RNA-based, RNA-targeting   Fibrotic Therapies
Inovio Pharmaceuticals CA - San Diego DNA Vaccines
Lassogen CA - San Diego Lasso peptide-based therapies
Locanabio CA - San Diego RNA-targeting gene therapy
Navega Therapeutics CA - San Diego       
Nitto BioPharma CA - San Diego Drug Delivery of siRNA
Novartis CA - San Diego Small Molecules, Vaccines,   Biologics
Ocelot Bio CA - San Diego Peptide therapeutic to treat   complications of liver disease
Peptide Logic CA - San Diego Peptide-Antibody Conjugates
Poseida Therapeutics CA - San Diego Genome Editing Technologies
PYC Therapeutics CA - San Diego Peptide drug discovery
Ray Therapeutics CA - San Diego Optogenetic Gene Therapy
Regulus Therapeutics CA - San Diego MicroRNAs
Renova Therapeutics CA - San Diego Gene Therapy
Replicate Bioscience CA - San Diego Preventing oncology drug   resistance
RogCon Biosciences CA - San Diego Antisense Oligo
Splash Pharmaceuticals CA - San Diego Peptide
Theragene Pharmaceuticals CA - San Diego Immunotherapy, gene therapy and   peptide delivery
Visgenx CA - San Diego Age-Related Disorders
Apellis Pharmaceuticals CA - San Francisco Cyclic peptide analog
Cellastra CA - San Francisco Anti-scarring gene   therapy/peptides
Digestome Therapeutics CA - San Francisco Food-derived Therapeutic   Peptides
DNALite Therapeutics CA - San Francisco Gene Therapy
DNARx CA - San Francisco DNARx Gene Delivery Technologies
Excision BioTherapeutics CA - San Francisco Gene Editing
Ligandal CA - San Francisco Nanomedicine delivery for   Genetic Medicines
Vir Biotechnology CA - San Francisco Infectious disease therapies
Artery Therapeutics CA - San Ramon Peptide therapies
Unnatural Products CA - Santa Cruz Macrocylic Peptides plus AI
Aligos Therapeutics CA - South SF Therapies for hepatologic   diseases and viral infections
Ambys Medicines CA - South SF Liver cell, gene, drug therapies
Attralus CA - South SF Amyloidosis Treatments
Circle Pharma CA - South SF Macrocyclic Therapeutics
Coda Biotherapeutics CA - South SF Gene Therapy
Encoded Therapeutics CA - South SF Gene Therapy
GenEdit CA - South SF Nonviral CRISPR-delivery system
Graphite Bio CA - South SF Next Generation Gene-Editing
Maze Therapeutics CA - South SF Genetic Modifiers of Disease
Tenaya Therapeutics CA - South SF Cardiovascular Therapeutics
Emmaus Life Sciences CA - Torrance Oral amino acid treatment
Riptide Bioscience CA - Vallejo Peptide Therapeutics
Recbio Technology China - mRNA Covid Vaccine
EdiGene (2) China - Beijing Gene Editing Technologies
Shenogen Pharma China - Beijing Small Molecules, Biologics,   Viral
Veraptus China - Changsha Aptamers
HitGen China - Chengdu DNA encoded library for drug   discovery
Adlai Nortye China - Hangzhou Cancer & Metabolic Disease   Treatments
Exegenesis Bio China - Hangzhou Gene Therapy
Sciwind Biosciences China - Hangzhou Oral peptide delivery
TOT Biopharm China - Jiangsu Biosimilars, Antibodies, Gene   Therapy, Vaccines
Suzhou Ribo Life Science Company China - Kunshan RNAi
Frontier Biotechnologies China - Nanjing Long-acting peptides, APIS
Belief BioMed China - Shanghai AAV-delivered Gene Therapies
Rona Therapeutics China -   Shanghai RNA Therapeutics Platform
RVAC Medicines China - Shanghai mRNA, vaccines, and lipid   nanoparticle technologies
StemiRNA Therapeutics China -   Shanghai mRNA Treatments
VISEN Pharmaceuticals China - Shanghai Endocrine Diseases
CureGenetics China - Suzhou Gene-editing - Diagnostics,   Therapies
Frontera Therapeutics China - Suzhou Gene Therapy Development
Sirnaomics China - Suzhou RNAi Therapeutics
Starna Therapeutics China - Suzhou mRNA vaccine, therapies
Neurophth Therapeutics China - Wuhan Ophthalmology Gene Therapy
Ceria Therapeutics CO - Aurora mRNA Delivery
Neurexis Therapeutics CO - Aurora Peptide for Cardiac Indications
Viridian   Therapeutics CO - Boulder MicroRNA
Mitotherapeutix CT - Farmington siRNA drugs
Bioasis Technologies CT - Guilford Blood-Brain Barrier Crossing   Peptides
Gennao Bio CT - New Haven Nucleic Acid Therapeutics
Oncovir DC - Washington Nucleic-acid-based clinical   therapies
ISD Immunotech Denmark - Aarhus Targeted molecular peptide   therapy for the most severe SLE
Antag Therapeutics Denmark -   Copenhagen Therapeutic peptides for   dietary-related metabolic diseases
Avilex Pharma Denmark - Copenhagen Peptide for ischemic stroke
IO Biotech Denmark - Copenhagen Cancer Vaccines
SNIPR BIOME Denmark - Copenhagen CRISPR for microbiome management
Zealand Pharma Denmark - Soborg Peptide Drugs
Herantis Pharma Finland - Espoo Biologic for Parkinson's, gene   therapy Lymphedema
Valo Therapeutics Finland - Helsinki Oncolytic Virus, Peptide
AGTC FL - Alachua Gene Therapy
AavantiBio FL - Gainesville Gene Therapies
Ambulero FL - Miami Cell & Gene Therapies
NuGenerex Immuno-Oncology FL - Miramar Biologics
San Rocco Therapeutics FL - Tampa Gene Therapy, Orphan Diseases
GlioCure France - Angers Peptide
InnoSkel France - Biot Therapies for Rare Skeletal   Diseases
Amolyt Pharma France - Ecully Therapeutic Peptides
Atamyo Therapeutics France - Evry Gene Therapies targeting   neuromuscular diseases
Généthon France - Evry Gene Therapy
Vaxeal France - Evry Cancer Immunotherapies, Long   Synthetic Peptides
Dynacure France - Illkirch Antisense oligo
PeptiMimesis France - Illkirch Therapeutic Peptides
Transgene France -   Illkirch-Graffenstaden Viral Vector Therapeutics, Gene   Therapy
Odimma Therapeutics France - Illkirhc Personalized Cancer   Immunotherapy
PDC*line Pharma France - La Tronche Cancer Immunotherapies
Enterosys France - Labege Oral Peptides
Axoltis Pharma France - Lyon Neurological Peptide Drugs
Nosopharm France - Lyon Anti-infectives, Peptide
Tollys France - Lyon dsRNA Therapy
Transgene France - Lyon Viral Vector Therapeutics, Gene   Therapy
Eli Lilly France - Neuilly-sur-Seine Small Molecules, Biologics
Lysogene France - Neuilly-sur-Seine AAV gene therapy technology
Coave Therapeutics France - Paris Gene Therapy in Ophthalmology
EG 427 France - Paris Pinpoint Gene Therapy
Eyevensys France - Paris Ophthalmic Treatment Plasmid
GenSight Biologics France - Paris Ophthalmic Gene Therapy
Inotrem France - Paris Peptide Therapy
Invectys France - Paris DNA Vaccine
Onxeo France   - Paris Orphan Diseases
PEP-Therapy France - Paris Peptide Therapies
SparingVision France - Paris Retinal Gene Therapy Treatments
Vaxon Biotech France - Paris Cancer Vaccine
Vivet Therapeutics France - Paris Gene Therapy for Orphan Diseases
Inotrem France -   Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy Peptide Therapy
Ennaid Therapeutics GA - Alpharetta Orally deliverable anti-viral   peptide
Genecure GA - Norcross Gene Therapy
Expression Therapeutics GA - Tucker Gene Therapies
Berlin Cures Germany - Berlin Aptamer for Cardio Indication
BioNTech Germany - Berlin mRNA, Vaccines, Biologics
Silence Therapeutics Germany -   Berlin RNAi
CureVac Germany - Frankfurt MRNA treatments
DiNAQOR Germany - Hamburg Gene Therapy for Heart   Conditions
Evotec Germany - Hamburg Contract drug discovery &   development
GeneQuine Biotherapeutics Germany - Hamburg Gene Therapy for Osteoarthritis
Topas Therapeutics Germany - Hamburg Nanoparticles loaded with   Antigenic Peptides
Cardior Pharmaceuticals Germany - Hanover Ncrna inhibitor for myocardial   infarction
Pantherna Therapeutics Germany -   Hennigsdorf Nanoparticle Delivery for mRNA   drugs
BioNTech Germany - Idar-Oberstein mRNA, Vaccines, Biologics
BioNTech Germany - Mainz mRNA, Vaccines, Biologics
Sterna Biologicals & KG Germany - Marburg Antisense Molecule - DNAzyme
Ethris Germany - Planegg MRNA-based therapies
Freeline Therapeutics Germany - Planegg Protein replacement via Gene   Therapy
Secarna Pharmaceuticals Germany - Planegg Antisense Oligonucleotide   Therapies
ViGeneron Germany - Planegg Gene Therapy
CureVac Germany - Tübingen MRNA treatments
Oryx Translational Medicine Germany - Vaterstetten Cancer Immunotherapy
Amyndas Pharmaceuticals Greece - Glyfada Peptide for various disorders
Exicure IL - Chicago Spherical Nucleic Acid
MAIA Biotechnology IL - Chicago Peptide Cancer Therapies
Oxalo Therapeutics IL - Chicago Peptide-based therapeutics to   treat rare renal diseases
Jaguar Gene Therapy IL - Lake Forest AAV-Based Gene Therapies
MBX Biosciences IN - Carmel Hormone Analogues for Rare   Endocrine Diseases
Eli Lilly IN - Indianapolis Small Molecules, Biologics
Organic Vaccines Ireland - Dublin Personalized DNA Vaccine
Ovoca Bio Ireland - Dublin Nasally Delivered Synthetic   Peptide
Eli Lilly Ireland - Kinsale Small Molecules, Biologics
SpliSense Israel - Jerusalem Antisense Oligonucleotides
BioLineRx Israel - Modi’in Small Molecules, Biologics
Silenseed Israel - Modi’in SiRNA drugs
VBL Therapeutics Israel - Modi’in Biologic, Small Molecule
Atox Bio Israel - Ness Ziona Peptides & Small Molecules
Altheia Science Italy - Milan Cell & Gene Therapy for   Autoimmune Disorders
Genenta Science Italy - Milan Gene Therapy
Genespire Italy - Milan Gene Therapy
Holostem Tarapie Avanzate Italy - Modena Cell & Gene Therapy
Eli Lilly Italy - Sesto Fiorentino Small Molecules, Biologics
Kither Biotech Italy - Torino Therapies for the treatment of   rare pulmonary diseases
WaVe Life Sciences Japan - Kagoshima Nucleic acid therapies
Gene Therapy Research   Institute (GTRI) Japan - Kanagawa Gene Therapy
Oncotherapy Science Japan - Kawasaki   City Small Molecule, peptides,   antibody therapies
Momotaro-Gene Japan - Okayama Cancer Gene Therapy
Luxna Biotech Japan - Osaka Oligonucleotide Therapeutics
Epsilon Molecular   Engineering Japan - Saitama Heavy chain single domain   antibodies
Takara Bio Japan - Shiga Gene Therapy, Agribiotech,   Biotech Lab Technology
BrightPath   Biotherapeutics Japan - Tokyo Peptide Therapies
EA Pharma Japan - Tokyo Amino Acid Treatments
Kubota Pharmaceutical Japan   - Tokyo Ophthalmology Products
Modulus Discovery Japan - Tokyo Peptide Discovery?
NapaJen Pharma Japan - Tokyo Oligonucleotide Drugs
Ribomic Japan - Tokyo Aptamers
Sosei Group Japan - Tokyo Umbrella Company
TAGCyx Japan - Tokyo Oligonucleotide Drug Discovery   Platform
Caregen Biopharma Korea - Anyang Growth Factors & Biomimetic   Peptides
Gemvax & KAEL Korea - Daejeon Peptide Immunotherapy
Peptron Korea - Daejeon Peptide-based Medicine Platform
Seasun Biomaterials Korea -   Daejeon Diagnostics & Therapeutics
Biorchestra Korea - Daejon Novel RNA-based Therapeutics
OliPass Korea -   Gyeonggi Peptide nucleic acid derivatives
OliX Pharmaceuticals Korea - Gyeonggi RNAi Treatments
Genexine Korea - Seongnam Biologics, DNA Plasmid Vaccine
Aston Sci. Korea - Seoul Therapeutic cancer vaccines and   proteostasis modulators
Helixmith Korea - Seoul plasmid DNA based gene therapy
Kolon Life Science Korea - Seoul Cell & Gene Therapy, APIs
Apellis Pharmaceuticals KY - Crestwood Cyclic peptide analog
Frontera Therapeutics MA - Bedford Gene Therapy Development
Homology Medicines MA - Bedford Gene-editing via homologous   recombination
Stoke Therapeutics MA - Bedford Antisense Oligonucleotide   Medicines
Verseau Therapeutics MA - Bedford Macrophage checkpoint   modulators, Monoclonals Antibodies
Nephrogen MA - Beverly Gene Therapy for Kidney Disease
Aileron Therapeutics MA - Boston Perpetually Active Peptides
Akouos MA - Boston Gene Therapy for Hearing   Disorders
Atalanta Therapeutics MA - Boston RNAi therapeutics
Constant Therapeutics MA - Boston Peptide Treatments
CureVac MA - Boston MRNA treatments
Ensoma MA - Boston in vivo Gene Therapy
Exegenesis Bio MA - Boston Gene Therapy
Inozyme Pharma MA - Boston Enzyme Replacement Therapy
Intergalactic Therapeutics MA - Boston Non-viral Gene Therapy
Kelonia Therapeutics MA - Boston in vivo CAR T Gene Therapy
MOMA Therapeutics MA - Boston Enzymes - Molecular Machines
Morphiex Biotherapeutics MA - Boston Phosphorodiamidate morpholino   oligomers
Orchard Therapeutics MA - Boston Ex-vivo autologous hematopoietic   stem cell gene therapy
Rhythm Pharmaceuticals MA - Boston Peptide Therapeutics
STRM.BIO MA - Boston Extracellular vesicles (EVs) to   deliver gene therapies
TransCode Therapeutics MA - Boston RNA Delivery, Small Molecule
Transgene MA - Boston Viral Vector Therapeutics, Gene   Therapy
SalioGen Therapeutics MA - Burlington Gene Therapy Platform Technology
AGTC MA - Cambridge Gene Therapy
Alltrna MA - Cambridge tRNA therapies
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals MA - Cambridge RNAi
Anji Pharmaceuticals MA - Cambridge High-value targets validated by   human genetics
Apic Bio MA - Cambridge Gene Therapy
AVROBIO MA - Cambridge Cellular & Gene Therapies
Axcella Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Amino acid mediated therapeutics
BioNTech MA - Cambridge mRNA, Vaccines, Biologics
Biorchestra MA - Cambridge Novel RNA-based Therapeutics
bluebird bio MA - Cambridge Gene Therapy, Cellular   Extraction & Reintroduction
Cytovia Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Gene-Edited iPSC-Derived Natural   Killer Cells
Dicerna Pharmaceuticals MA - Cambridge RNAi
Editas Medicine MA - Cambridge Genome Editing Therapies   (CRISPR)
Eli Lilly MA - Cambridge Small Molecules, Biologics
FerGene MA - Cambridge Treatment for non-muscle   invasive bladder cancer
Gemini Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Genetically-targeted   Ophthalmology Medicine
Generation Bio MA - Cambridge Gene Therapy
hC Bioscience MA - Cambridge tRNA-based Therapeutics
Helix Nanotechnologies MA - Cambridge DNA Therapy
Hunterian Medicine MA - Cambridge CRISPR-based drug discovery
Intellia Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Therapeutic gene editing   (CRISPR)
Korro Bio MA - Cambridge RNA-editing Drugs
Laronde MA - Cambridge Plasmid RNA Therapeutics
Lytica Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Antimicrobial peptide Design
Moderna Therapeutics MA - Cambridge RNA Therapies
Novartis Novartis MA - Cambridge Small Molecules, Vaccines,   Biologics / Diagnostics
Novellus Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Gene Editing Therapy
Novopyxis MA - Cambridge Transdermal drug delivery system
Obsidian Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Cell & Gene Therapies
Omega Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Gene Editing
Orna Therapeutics MA - Cambridge oRNA, Delivery
ProQR Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Oligonucleotide Therapy
Repertoire Immune Medicines MA - Cambridge Cell & Peptide-Based   Therapies
SmartPharm Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Production of biologics within   patients via gene therapy
Solid Biosciences MA - Cambridge Gene Therapy, Devices,   Biologics, Small Molecules all for DMD
Sonata Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Small Molecules, Gene Therapy
Strand Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Gene Therapy
Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Oncology MA - Cambridge RNAi, Small Molecules
Tevard Biosciences MA - Cambridge tRNA-based Gene Therapies
Theonys MA - Cambridge tRNA Therapies
Triplet Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Antisense, mRNA Treatments for   Triplet Repeat Disorders
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical MA - Cambridge Small Molecules, Biologics
Vedere Bio II MA - Cambridge Gene Therapy for Eyes
Verve Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Gene-editing Treatments
Vigeo Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Biologics for Cancer
Voyager Therapeutics MA - Cambridge AAV capsid Gene Therapy
WaVe Life   Sciences MA - Cambridge Nucleic acid therapies
Comanche Biopharma MA - Concord siRNA for Preeclampsia
Bicycle Therapeutics MA - Lexington Peptides
Carbon   Biosciences MA - Lexington Gene Therapy
Guardian Therapeutics MA - Lexington Aptamer Therapeutics
LogicBio Therapeutics MA - Lexington Gene Therapy
uniQure MA - Lexington Gene Therapy
Alcyone Therapeutics MA - Lowell Gene Therapy
Phio Pharmaceuticals MA - Marlborough RNAi
RVAC Medicines MA - Medford mRNA, vaccines, and lipid   nanoparticle technologies
Avenge Bio MA - Natick Cell & Gene Therapies
SOLA Biosciences MA - Natick Gene Therapies for Protein   Misfolding Diseases
Remedium Bio MA - Needham Gene Therapy
Lactocore MA - Newton CNS Peptides MA - Newton Precision therapeutics using its   proprietary Linear DNA and Circular RNA technology platforms
Moderna Therapeutics MA - Norwood RNA Therapies
Myrtelle MA - Wakefield Gene Therapy
Affinia Therapeutics MA - Waltham Gene Delivery
Apellis Pharmaceuticals MA - Waltham Cyclic peptide analog
Hemera Biosciences MA - Waltham Gene Therapy
OncXerna Therapeutics MA - Waltham Cancer Therapeutics
Viridian Therapeutics MA - Waltham MicroRNA
Selecta Biosciences MA - Watertown Immunogenicity Prevention in   Biologic and Enzyme Therapy
Virna Therapeutics MA - West Roxbury Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibody
Curamir Therapeutics MA - Woburn microRNA mimics
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical MA - Woburn Small Molecules, Biologics
Leal Therapeutics MA - Worcester CNS Therapies
Mustang Bio MA - Worcester Immunotherapies
Zata Pharmaceuticals MA - Worcester RNA, DNA Therapeutics
AsclepiX Therapeutics MD - Baltimore Peptide drugs
CiVi Biopharma MD - Chevy Chase Novel therapies against   cardiometabolic diseases
Ibex Biosciences MD - Cumberland Biologics, Cell Therapy, Gene   Therapy
BioNTech MD - Gaithersburg mRNA, Vaccines, Biologics
miRecule MD - Gaithersburg microRNA Therapeutics for Cancer
RNAimmune MD - Gaithersburg mRNA therapies
Sirnaomics MD - Gaithersburg RNAi Therapeutics
AAVogen MD - Rockville Gene therapeutics to strengthen   muscle and fight disease
American Gene Technologies MD - Rockville Gene Therapy and Immunotherapy   Company.
RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals MD - Rockville Peptides
ReGenX Biosciences MD - Rockville Gene Therapy, Biologics
United Therapeutics MD - Silver Spring Small Molecules, Biologics
Novartis Mexico - Mexico City Small Molecules, Vaccines,   Biologics
Eli Lilly Mexico - San José Small Molecules, Biologics
Diapin Therapeutics MI - Ann Arbor Peptide for diabetes
ONL Therapeutics MI - Ann Arbor Small molecule peptide
Vir Biotechnology MO - St. Louis Infectious disease therapies
Soricimed Biopharma NB - Moncton Proprietary TRPV6-targeting   peptide platform
Trana Discovery NC - Cary Anti-infective discovery company
Atsena Therapeutics NC - Durham Gene Therapy
bluebird bio NC - Durham Gene Therapy, Cellular   Extraction & Reintroduction
Fennec Pharma NC - Durham Small Molecules, Cyclic Peptides
Pfizer NC - Durham Small Molecules, Vaccines,   Biologics
Precision BioSciences NC - Durham Genome-editing enzymes, CAR-T
Sio Gene Therapies NC - Durham Gene Therapy for   Neurodegenerative Indications
StrideBio NC - Durham Antibody-Evading Gene Therapy
United Therapeutics NC - Durham Small Molecules, Biologics
Kriya Therapeutics NC - Morrisville Gene Therapy
Adrenas Therapeutics NC - Raleigh Gene Therapy
RainBIO NC - Raleigh Cornea Gene Therapy
Numeric Biotech Netherlands - Senolytic peptide
uniQure Netherlands - Amsterdam Gene Therapy
VectorY Netherlands - Amsterdam Vectorized Antibodies
Temple Therapeutics Netherlands - Geleen Amino Acid-based Surgical   Treatment
Lanthio Pharma Netherlands -   Groningen GPCR agonist peptides
Amarna Therapeutics Netherlands -   Leiden Viral Gene Delivery Platform
Amylon   Therapeutics Netherlands - Leiden RNA-based therapies
Hybridize Therapeutics Netherlands -   Leiden RNA treatments for kidney   disease
Immunetune Netherlands - Leiden Personalized DNA-based Vaccines
ProQR Therapeutics Netherlands - Leiden Oligonucleotide Therapy
Vico Therapeutics Netherlands - Leiden Oligonucleotide based RNA   modulating therapeutics
Chondropeptix Netherlands -   Maastricht Peptide for cartilage   improvement
InteRNA Technologies Netherlands -   Nijmegen MiRNA Therapeutics
DegenRx Netherlands - Tilburg Gene Therapy, Antibodies
Treeway Netherlands - Tilburg Small Molecules, Gene Therapy
InteRNA Technologies Netherlands -   Utrecht MiRNA Therapeutics
Amaroq Therapeutics New Zealand - Auckland lncRNA Therapeutics
CuroNZ New Zealand - Wellsford Neural Regeneration Peptides
Neurotez NJ - Bridgewater Peptide Treatment for   Alzheimer's
Bioincept NJ - Cherry Hill Synthetic Preimplantation Factor   Peptide
IVERIC Bio NJ - Cranbury Aptamers, Biologics
Novartis NJ - East Hanover Small Molecules, Vaccines,   Biologics
Ceptur Therapeutics NJ - Hillsborough U1 Adaptor Technology for RNA   Therapeutics
EOM Pharmaceuticals NJ - Montvale Peptide-nucleic Acid Solutions
CavtheRx NJ - Pittstown Cell-permeable Peptide
ReGenTree NJ - Princeton Therapeutic Peptides
PhageNova Bio NJ - Summit Gene Delivery Vector
Cytovation Norway - Bergen Peptide for cancer
Hubro Therapeutics Norway - Oslo Cancer Immunotherapies
Lytix Biopharma Norway - Oslo Oncolytic Peptide
Nykode Therapeutics Norway - Oslo Therapeutic DNA Vaccine
PCI Biotech Norway - Oslo Drug Delivery
Ultimovacs Norway - Oslo Immunotherapy
APIM Therapeutics Norway - Trondheim Peptide Drugs
Fixx Pharmaceuticals NV - Las Vegas Developing a cure for Hemophilia   through the use of CRISPR gene editing
RosVivo Therapeutics NV - Reno miRNA & siRNA Therapies
MimiVAX NY - Buffalo Immunotherapeutics
Sapience Therapeutics NY - Harrison Peptide-based Therapies for   cancers
TheraSource NY - Manhasset Proteins and peptides for   inflammation
Apertura Gene Therapy NY - New York AAV vectors for Gene Therapy
Aruvant Sciences NY - New York Gene Therapy
Chimerna Therapeutics NY - New York RNA Therapeutics
Lexeo Therapeutics NY - New York Gene Therapy
Neurogene NY - New York Genetic Therapies
Oncogenuity NY - New York Oligonucleotide platform for the   treatment of genetically driven cancers
Orphion Therapeutics NY - New York Gene Therapy
PIN Pharma NY - New York Immunomodulatory Peptide
Prevail Therapeutics NY - New York AAV-based gene therapies
Protagenic Therapeutics NY - New York Neuro-Active Peptides
Renbio NY - New York Gene Therapy Directing Antibody   Creation in vivo
Rocket Pharmaceuticals NY - New York Gene Therapies
Scopus BioPharma NY - New York Immuno-oncology Gene Therapy
Sio Gene Therapies NY - New York Gene Therapy for   Neurodegenerative Indications
Spine BioPharma NY - New York Amino acid peptide for spinal   pain relief
Alpha-1 Biologics NY - Stony Brook Small molecules, peptides,   diagnostic, vaccine
iCell Gene Therapeutics NY - Stony Brook Gene Therapy for Cancer
NeoMatrix Therapeutics NY - Stony Brook Bioactive Peptides for Burn   Healing
Abeona Therapeutics OH - Cleveland Therapies for Sanfilippo (SF)   Syndrome Type A and Type B.
SapVax OH - Cleveland Peptide-based, self-adjuvanting   cancer vaccines
Basking Biosciences OH - Columbus Reversible thrombolytic therapy   for acute ischemic stroke
ExonanoRNA OH - Columbus RNA nanoparticles, therapies
Biosortia Pharmaceuticals OH - Dublin Peptide Drugs
SYNG Pharmaceuticals ON - Kingston Diagnostic, Peptide-based   Non-Hormonal Treatment for Endometriosis
Atorvia Health Technologies ON - Ottawa Kidney-targeted peptide that   prevents regulated cell death and kidney failure
AVROBIO ON - Toronto Cellular & Gene Therapies
Deep Genomics ON - Toronto AI-discovery, Oligonucleotide   Therapies
Notch Therapeutics ON - Toronto Gene-modified T cell therapy
Providence Therapeutics ON - Toronto mRNA Cancer Vaccines
Zucara   Therapeutics ON - Toronto Peptide analog for diabetes   treatment
13therapeutics OR - Portland Peptide Therapeutics
Vir Biotechnology OR - Portland Infectious disease therapies
SwanBio Therapeutics PA - Bala Cynwyd Gene Therapy
Code Biotherapeutics PA - Hatfield DNA-based Gene Therapy Vector
Gyroscope Therapeutics PA - King of Prussia Gene Therapy
NanoCell Therapeutics PA - King of Prussia Gene Therapy
Exegenesis Bio PA - Lower Gwynedd Gene Therapy
Amyndas Pharmaceuticals PA - Philadelphia Peptide for various disorders
Chimeron Bio PA - Philadelphia Cancer Immunotherapy
iECURE PA - Philadelphia Gene Editing Therapies
Interius BioTherapeutics PA - Philadelphia Novel methods for in vivo   cell-specific gene delivery
Leal Therapeutics PA - Philadelphia CNS Therapies
Longevity Biotech PA - Philadelphia Synthetic Peptides
Opus Genetics PA - Philadelphia Ophthalmology Gene Therapy
Passage Bio PA -   Philadelphia Gene Therapy
SparingVision PA - Philadelphia Retinal Gene Therapy Treatments
Spark Therapeutics PA - Philadelphia Singe Dose Gene Therapy
Spirovant Sciences PA - Philadelphia Gene Therapy - Lung Diseases
Krystal Biotech PA - Pittsburgh Gene Therapy
NeuBase Therapeutics PA - Pittsburgh Oligonucleotides
Peptilogics PA - Pittsburgh Antibiotics
Geneos Therapeutics PA - Plymouth Meeting Plasmid-based   Neoantigen-targeted Cancer Therapies
Inovio Pharmaceuticals PA - Plymouth Meeting DNA Vaccines
NeuExcell Therapeutics PA - State College Gene Therapy for Neural   Regeneration & Repair
Arbutus Biopharma PA - Warminster RNAi
Windtree Therapeutics PA - Warrington Peptides
XyloCor Therapeutics PA - Wayne Gene Therapy
Renovacor PA - Wynnewood Recombinant adeno-associated   virus-based gene therapy
ExploRNA Therapeutics Poland - Warsaw mRNA Therapies
Eli Lilly PR - Carolina Recombinant Insulin
Eli Lilly PR - Mayaguez Small Molecules, Biologics
Novartis QC - Dorval Small Molecules, Vaccines,   Biologics
ExCellThera QC - Montréal Growing blood stem cells for   therapeutic use
Replicor QC - Montréal DNA, polymer, small molecule   combination Hepatitis B treatment
Feldan Therapeutics QC - Quenec City Peptide-based Intracellular   Delivery Technology
Bolden Therapeutics RI - Providence Antisense Oligonucleotides for   Neuro Indications
Carmine Therapeutics Singapore -   Singapore Medicines based on red blood   cell extracellular vesicles (RBCEVs)
Nuevocor Singapore - Singapore AAV-based gene therapy
Cargene Singapore - Singapore Nucleic Acid Therapeutics
Juniper Biologics Singapore -   Singapore Small Molecules, Cell Therapy,   Gene Therapy
RVAC Medicines Singapore - Singapore mRNA, vaccines, and lipid   nanoparticle technologies
Eli Lilly Spain - Alcobendas Small Molecules, Biologics
Esteve Spain - Barcelona Small Molecules, Gene Therapy
Peptomyc Spain - Barcelona Cell Penetrating Peptides
SpliceBio Spain - Barcelona Intein Technologies - Gene   Therapy
aptaTargets Spain - Madrid Aptamer Drugs
Highlight Therapeutics Spain - Madrid Immuno-oncology, synthetic dsRNA   complex
Sylentis Spain - Madrid RNAi Treatments
Highlight Therapeutics Spain -   Valencia Immuno-oncology, synthetic dsRNA   complex
Elicera Therapeutics Sweden - Göteborg Cell & Gene Therapy   Immuno-Oncology
CanImGuide Therapeutics Sweden - Lund Peptide Immunomodulator
CombiGene Sweden - Lund Gene Therapy
In2cure Sweden - Lund Peptide-Based Drugs for   Inflammatory & Infectious Disease
Xinnate Sweden - Lund Peptide-based Drugs
Aptahem Sweden - Malmö Aptamer-based Drugs
Cyxone Sweden - Malmö Immunomodulating Cyclotides 
WntResearch Sweden - Malmö Peptide Therapies
InDex Pharmaceuticals Sweden - Solna DNA-Based Drugs, Diagnostics
Ilya Pharma Sweden - Uppsala Biologics for wounds, Cell &   Gene Therapy
Avrion Therapeutics Switzerland - Allschwil Gene Therapies for   Neurodegenerative Diseases
Novartis Switzerland - Basel Small Molecules, Vaccines,   Biologics
Versameb Switzerland - Basel RNA Therapeutics
Vir Biotechnology Switzerland - Bellinzona Infectious disease therapies
AMAL Therapeutics Switzerland -   Geneva Therapeutic Vaccines
Antion Biosciences Switzerland - Geneva Gene & Cell Therapy
Relief Therapeutics Switzerland - Geneva Peptide & Protein Therapies
HAYA Therapeutics Switzerland - Lausanne RNA-based, RNA-targeting   Fibrotic Therapies
IBSA Institut Biochimique Switzerland - Lugano Various Treatments and   Nutraceuticals
Anjarium Biosciences Switzerland - Schlieren Non-viral Gene Therapy
DiNAQOR Switzerland - Schlieren Gene Therapy for Heart   Conditions
Redbiotec Switzerland - Schlieren Various Biologic Modalities
Vaxeal Switzerland - Vevey Cancer Immunotherapies, Long   Synthetic Peptides
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Switzerland - Zug RNAi
BRIM Biotechnology Taiwan - Taipei Peptides, Recombinant Proteins
Amytrx Therapeutics TN - Nashville Peptide Therapies
Eternans Turkey - Senolytic peptide
Genprex TX - Austin Immunogene Therapy
Nanoscope Therapeutics TX - Bedford AAV-delivered opsin
Bio-Path Holdings TX - Bellaire Antisense DNA therapeutics
ReCode Therapeutics TX - Dallas Nucleic Acid Therapeutic   Delivery
Taysha Gene Therapies TX - Dallas Adeno-associated virus gene   therapies
Vaxxinity TX - Dallas Endobody Vaccines, Synthetic   Peptides Vaccine
Xequal Bio TX - Fort Worth Peptide for Injury Healing
Chrysalis BioTherapeutics TX - Galveston Peptide to stimulate tissue   regeneration
Esperance Pharmaceuticals TX - Houston Membrane Disrupting Peptides
Neurogene TX - Houston Genetic Therapies
Twister Biotech TX - Houston Gene Therapies
Immunocore UK - Abingdon T Cell Receptor Fragment
Eli Lilly UK - Basingstoke Small Molecules, Biologics
Bicycle Therapeutics UK - Cambridge Peptides
Phico   Therapeutics UK - Cambridge Anti-bacterial technology
Transine Therapeutics UK - Cambridge IncRNA
VaxEquity UK - Cambridge Self-amplifying RNA
Senisca UK - Exeter Antisense Oligonucleotides for   Senescence
ILC Therapeutics UK - Lanarkshire Synthetic Peptides
AviadoBio UK - London Gene Therapies for   neurodegenerative
Axovia Therapeutics UK - London AAV Gene Therapy
Black Swan   Pharmaceuticals UK - London Antisense RNA-based therapeutics   for ALS
Complement Therapeutics UK - London Complement Medicines - AAV Gene   Therapy, Biologics
Cytovation UK - London Peptide for cancer
DiNAQOR UK - London Gene Therapy for Heart   Conditions
Enara Bio UK - London Dark Antigens to deliver   targeted off-the-shelf cancer vaccines
Genflow Biosciences UK - London Anti-aging Gene Therapy
MeiraGTx UK - London Gene Therapy
MiNA Therapeutics UK - London Small activating RNA
Orchard Therapeutics UK - London Ex-vivo autologous hematopoietic   stem cell gene therapy
Poolbeg Pharma UK - London Developing drugs to sell off
Purespring   Therapeutics UK - London Gene Therapy for Kidney Disease
Silence Therapeutics UK - London RNAi
Alnylam   Pharmaceuticals UK - Maidenhead RNAi
TYG Oncology UK - Mansfield Cancer Immunotherapy
Lamellar Biomedical UK - North Lanarkshire Nucleic Acid Transfer Technology
Ikarovec UK - Norwich Ocular Gene Therapy
Ochre Bio UK - Oxford siRNA liver drugs
Oxford Biomedica UK - Oxford Gene-based Medicines
Oxular UK - Oxford Gene Therapy
Valo Therapeutics UK - Oxford Oncolytic Virus, Peptide
Nanogenics UK - Selkirk Gene Therapy
Freeline Therapeutics UK - Stevenage Protein replacement via Gene   Therapy
Gyroscope Therapeutics UK - Stevenage Gene Therapy
Plasticell UK - Stevenage Cell, Gene Therapy, Blood   Products
Celixir UK - Stratford-upon-Avon Regenerative Medicine, RNAi
Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma   Oncology UT - Lehi RNAi, Small Molecules
PEEL Therapeutics UT - Salt Lake City Elephant-inspired Cancer   Therapies
Techulon VA - Blacksburg Peptide-Peptide Nucleic Acids
Serpin Pharma VA - Manassas Peptide drugs
ReAlta Life Sciences VA - Norfolk Complement and Inflammation   Inhibition drug products
Allysta   Pharmaceuticals WA - Bellevue Therapeutic Peptides
PharmaIN WA - Bothell Subcutaneous peptides, Out   licensing
AltPep WA - Seattle Alternating Peptides for   Neurological Diseases
bluebird bio WA - Seattle Gene Therapy, Cellular   Extraction & Reintroduction
OncoSenX WA - Seattle Proteo-Lipid Vehicle (PLV) and   plasmid DNA for cancer
Sana Biotechnology WA - Seattle Cell & Gene Therapies
Shape Therapeutics WA - Seattle RNA-editing gene therapy
Umoja Biopharma WA - Seattle Cellular immunotherapy platform
Visus Therapeutics WA - Seattle Presbyopia-correcting eye drops
YouthBio Therapeutics WA - Seattle Gene therapies
Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals WI - Madison RNAi
Nimble Therapeutics WI - Madison Photoprotected Amino Acids