Discovery and Formulation

The core expertise and experience of our team at T&T Scientific's formulation team is design and formulation of lipid nanoparticles to encapsulate and optimize nucleic acids such as mRNA, siRNA, and DNA delivery and related drug delivery systems. Our experienced team will be able to help with following formulation services:

    • Biological Gene and Nucleic Acids Encapsulation and Delivery (i.e. mRNA, DNA, and siRNA) Research and Development
    • Design, Development and Optimization of Lipid-based Formulations
    • API Encapsulation and Related Formulations Optimization
    • Lipid Nanoparticles Formulation Process and Method Development and Optimization
    • Small Scale Batch Preparation and Manufacturing for Testing and Assay Screening
    • Analytical Studies and Iterative Formulation Improvement
    • Scalable Process Development from the Early Stage Formulation with T&T Scientific Technologies and Capabilities: Extrusion, Direct Ethanol Injection, Homogenization and/or Sonication
    • Complete Technology Transfer Process and Support
    • Final Sterile Filtration Studies
    • Stability Testing and Evaluation
    • All lipid nanoparticles assay development including size, surface charge, UV-Vis, Purity and Concentrations (HPLC/GC-FID/GC-MS)

Steps to Get Started: 1) Optional Mutual NDA Execution 2) Introductory Meeting 3) Proposal by T&T 4) Iterations on Proposal 5) Proposal Execution and Project Kick Off