Dr. Nima Tamaddoni

President and Chief Executive Officer
Head of Manufacturing Technologies and Platforms

Nima Tamaddoni, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Nima Tamaddoni, the President and CEO at T&T Scientific, is a proven, talent investor, and result-oriented business executive, inventor, and scientist who helped invent, develop, launch, and grow several pharmaceutical and medical device technologies and a pharmaceutical nanomedicine manufacturing technology and service platform. Nima has over ten years of academic, industrial, and business experience focused on lipid nanoparticles and liposomes technologies and services (CDMO). With leadership, business, engineering skills, and knowledge, he has successfully led the business growth and multiple pharmaceuticals research, development, and manufacturing service projects and technology products at T&T Scientific from preclinical phases to applied commercial manufacturing. Nima founded T&T Scientific in his college apartment kitchen in 2015 with the assistance of his graduate school labmate. Since the company incorporation, his goal has been to 1) establish a team culture unlike any to create jobs that allows the team members to unconditionally explore their real interest, passion, and strength to rapidly grow their career without a limit, become globally impactful; and to 2) build the most competitive and customer-centric business platform in healthcare space that make T&T Scientific's the top choice of clients for their manufacturing technologies and services. In this effort, Dr. Tamaddoni has led to develop and improve technologies and streamlining of services with a minimized bottleneck that increases the efficiency of translating promising medical technology from research and development to scaled-up manufacturing; for clinical trials and approved patient use, all under one established cGMP and highly regulated roof of T&T Scientific CDMO. He believes the success of a venture starts with the success of the team, and clients' and his emphasis on believing and not limiting capabilities regardless of level of formal education and knowledge. He rather encourages learning within the practice by allowing the team to exercise passion and embracing failure for learn and succeed.

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Areas of Expertise and Interests

  • Passion-Focused Team Building, Realizing and Investing in Talents for Building Impactful, Satisfying, and Successful Careers and Business
  • Result and Goal Oriented Organization and Business Development, Client Relationship, Customer-Centric and Quality Driven Venture Establishment
  • Utilization and Implementation of Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Minimize Human Error in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Maximize the High Quality Fast-pace Operational Throughput; and Maximizing the Utilization Human Intelligence Only with Creativity and Non-repeating Tasks
  • Practical and Useful Platform Development for Customers' Value Creation: Quality, Throughput, and Low Cost
  • Viral and Non-viral Drug Delivery Systems for Vaccines and Therapies: Formulations and Manufacturing Platforms
  • Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs) Nucleic Acids Such as mRNA, RNAi, siRNA
  • Formulation Design, Development, and Manufacturing of Nanoparticles for Pharmaceutical Drug Products Protection, Optimized Targeting, and Controlled Release
  • Gene Therapy for Genetic Therapeutics and Vaccines Drug Design and Development
  • Streamlined cGMP Manufacturing for Pharmaceutical Drug Products and Medical Devices