Formulation and Encapsulation

Lipid nanoparticles and liposome vesicles are suitable to encapsulate and deliver soluble and non-soluble nutrition, drugs, proteins, peptides, and small molecules to a specific target site inside a living organism. We have the expertise to help with the development, design, and characterization of liposomal formulations.

T&T Scientific R&D department is providing liposome design, encapsulation, and formulation R&D services to academia, government laboratories and companies around the world. T&T Scientific is staffed by lipid and liposome scientists, specialists and equipped by state of the art laboratory using the latest NanoSizer technologies to design, encapsulate, formulate, and test your desired delivery system. We are devoted to delivering the most reliable and consistent liposome formulation design and testing with our R&D services.

The T&T Scientific Formulations Team can help develop a suitable formulation for your liposome, Nano-Emulsions, and nanoparticle. In T&T we use NanoSizer, the latest and best lipid and word's only reliable scalable liposome technology and equipment. Our lipid analysts and liposome Tech Experts are ready to help you with designing and producing the various types of liposomes:

  • Custom Formulation of Plain and Encapsulated Liposome Formulation
  • PEGylated Liposomes
  • Surface Modified and Labeled Liposomes
  • Fluorescent Liposomes
  • Encapsulation of small molecules, therapeutic agents, and nucleic acids
  • Encapsulation of Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Compounds
  • Liposomes with Binding Protein and Peptides 
  • pH-Sensitive and Labeled Liposomes 
  • Magnetic Liposomes
  • Scale-Up to Manufacturing  and Commercial Stage

We follow the process below to start our potential collaborations with our clients:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement: Click here to sign the mutual NDA. Please send us the signed and we sign and send you back a copy as well. Your confidentiality matters to us and will be protected.
  • Free Initial Consultation: Our team will contact you to set up the cost-free initial consultation meeting up to one-hour. In this stage, we will learn about your needs to best propose you with the plan.
  • T&T Proposal: A proposal from T&T Scientific on the project will be prepared and sent to you for your review. 

At T&T, we work in a wide range of fields:

Pharmaceuticals Nuteruceutical and Supplements Cosmetics  Academic Research
Drug Delivery
Biophysics & Biochemistry
Nano Emulsions
Polymers & Copolymers  
Nano Particles (NP's) Lipid Bilayers & Membranes Lipidomics  Exosomes & Endosomes
Novel Therapeutics  Cell Membrane & Transport NanoMedicine
Complex Nano Biologics

Tell us more about your project and application and one of our 
Liposome Tech Experts will review it immediately: