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1) What do I need to get started with extrusion?

Extrusion is easy with NanoSizerTM extruders. All you need is a Liposome solution, two syringes, and a NanoSizerTM extruder. The fully assembled extruders are available in different quantities. Heat blocks are also available for extrusion of high transition temperature lipids.

2) Do NanoSizerTM extruders include the membrane? What kind?

Each NanoSizerTM contains a track-etched polycarbonate membrane.

3) What kind of syringes are suitable for extrusion with NanoSizerTM?

NanoSizer extruders can be used with the needle-tipped Hamilton glass syringes provided with other common liposome mini-extruders. Plus, NanoSizer extruders accommodate fully assembled Luer-lock syringes: this means no cleaning of the syringe and no chance for leakage due to worn plunger assemblies. Both glass and single-use syringe are available here.

4) What kind of needles are required for extrusion with NanoSizerTM?

The needles provided with syringes are 22 Gauge and are designed with the right length for use with NanoSizer extruders. Replacement needles for glass and single-use syringes can be found here.

5) Can NanoSizerTM be heated?

Yes, NanoSizerTM can be heated up to at least 100C using our heating block designed for a hot plate.

6) Do I need a heat block?

You will need to heat your solution above the transition temperature of the lipid-mixture (i.e. 41C for DPPC). A specially designed heat block that uses NanoSizer extruders is available here, and NanoSizerTM extruders are also compatible with other common heat blocks.

7) Is NanoSizerTM suitable for extrusion of high volume liposome solutions?

Yes, we have options for large volume extrusion needs. Please contact us at

8) Will I get the same size distribution that I get with other extruders?

Yes, we have tested and compared the size distribution of liposomes created with NanoSizerTM and another common extruder via Dynamic Ligh Scattering (DLS). Results show equivalent size distribution via NanoSizerTM extrusion.

9) What is NanoSizerTM AUTO?

Patent pending automated NanoSizerTM AUTO products, fully automated liposome extrusion system and equipment, are now available, enabling clean, fast and inexpensive sizing and production of liposomes. T&T Scientific is transforming liposome production of a small and large volume of solutions alike, simplifying scale-up from research laboratory to in-house pharmaceutical manufacturing via extrusion technology. Our patents pending NanoSizerTM AUTO extrusion technology utilizes fully-assembled, and sterilized NanoSizerTM extrusion cartridges to provide a clean, easy-to-use and quick platform for extruding mL’s of the solution up to hundreds of liters of solutions and formulations via a fully automated system. Automated options are available for processing a range of volumes from milliliters (NanoSizerTM AUTO I) to hundreds of liters (NanoSizerTM AUTO Ultra). You can compare the models in the table below and request a quote. With world-wide on-site delivery, set up, and training up on requests. If you are working at an academic institution please contact us to learn about special offers!

10) Does NanoSizerTM AUTO include temperature control?

Yes, all of the NanoSizer AUTO equipment includes a built-in closed loop feedback temperature control system, allowing live reading and adjusting of the temperature of solutions. The temperature of the solution can be controlled precisely up to 95C.

11) Do you have a liposome preparation protocol?

Click here for the liposome preparation protocol.

12) Do you have distributors in out of the United States of America?

Yes, we have over 25 global distributors, that can help you with your purchasing. We also offer direct sales to you through our company as well.

13) What is the maximum solution NanoSizerTM AUTO can process?

14) What is the flow rate for NanoSizerTM AUTO extrusion equipment?

Flow rate is adjustable in our NanoSizer equipment, the range of flow rate supported by different models is listed below:

15) Can the NanoSizer Cartridges be reused? 

The answer is yes. Each NanoSizer cartridge is able to extrude at least 20mL with NanoSizer MINI and at least 1L with a NanoSizer Plus. However, to avoid any chance of contamination we recommend using a new cartridge for any new experiment or new formulations and composition.

16) With NanoSizer AUTO, can the extrusion flow rate be controlled?

Yes, the NanoSizer AUTO allows users to have complete control of the extrusion flow-rate which leads to maximizing the consistency, repeatability, and reproducibility.

17) Does T&T Scientific offer R&D services?

Yes, our lipid and liposomal experts are ready to help clients with research and development for nano-encapsulation and delivery projects. T&T Scientific is helping a variety of industries with research, development, and liposomal design services: Pharmaceuticals, Vitamins, Nutraceuticals Supplements, Academic Research, Cosmetics, Agriculture, Skin Care and Drug Delivery.

18) Does T&T Scientific accept contract manufacturing projects?

Yes, T&T Scientific manufacturing department helping customers to scale up R&D to manufacturing in a variety of industries: Pharmaceuticals, Vitamins, Nutraceuticals Supplements, Academic Research, Cosmetics, Agriculture, Skin Care and Drug Delivery.