GMP Manufacturing

T&T Scientific offer a wide range GMP and non-GMP manufacturing services including process development, and supporting qualification and validation activities in our 15,000 sf state of the art facility and cleanroom spaces. T&T is well equipped with the operational capabilities and Quality Assurance team required for clinical and commercial batch manufacturing of formulations utilized in therapeutics and vaccines. T&T is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (US-FDA).

T&T Scientific is registered with the FDA and offers the full range of materials for clinical studies and commercialization purposes

  • GMP Manufacturing for Clinical Studies for Phase I, II, and III
  • Equipment and Capabilities for Manufacturing and 
  • Support All Regulatory and Compliance for
  • Full Documentation and Data Management Supports
  • Small to Large Batch Volume 
  • Wide Range of Manufacturing Capabilities: Direct Ethanol Injection, Extrusion, Microfluidizer Homogenization, and Sonication
  • FDA Registered for Full Liposomal and PEGlyated formulations
  • Clinical Manufacturing Procedures for Full-scale, and Commercial Operation