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T&T Scientific Is Working with a Broad Range of Fields in Academia and Industry

Industry and Research Areas May Benefit from NanoSizerTM Technologies:

Pharmaceuticals Nutraceuticals and Supplements Academic Research Cosmetics and Skin Care
Drug Delivery Applications Surfactants and Emulsions Nano Particles, Tubes and  Spheres
Polymers and Copolymers Lipid Bilayers and Membranes Lipidomics, Proteins, and Peptides
Exosomes and Endosomes Cell Membrane and Membrane Transport Targeted and Novel Therapeutics

T&T Scientific NanoSizer Technologies Are Being Utilized in Over 45 Countries

      T&T Scientific NanoSizer in Over 45 Countries

      NanoSizer Advantages

      T&T Scientific has introduced NanoSizer Technology: the world’s first low-cost, single-use, sterilizable liposome extrusion system. Our revolutionary, efficient, contamination-free platform saves tremendous amounts of time and money for doctors, scientists, and pharmaceutical companies working with and producing liposomes.

      Compared to other commercially available extrusion platforms, here are just a few of the advantages of T&T Scientific’s NanoSizer Technology NanoSizer Technology:

        • Save Time: Liposomes are fully extruded in 2-3 minutes, a process that previously took 40-60 minutes.
        • Avoid Contamination: The single-use nature of NanoSizer™ eliminates the risk of contamination from batch to batch.
        • Save Money: The high risk of contamination and time lost to assembly and cleaning can cost thousands of dollars.
        • Save Solution: Solutions of liposomes, proteins, and/or other small molecules can be extremely expensive. NanoSizer™ provides less than 20 microliter dead volume which means minimal cost due to lost solution.

      NanoSizer Avanti Extruder Pictures

      Automated NanoSizer Auto continuous extrusion equipment is now available, enabling clean, fast, and inexpensive sizing and production of liposomes. T&T Scientific is transforming liposome production of small and large volumes of solution alike, simplifying scale-up from the research laboratory to pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our patent-pending NanoSizer™-Auto continuous extrusion technology utilizes single-use NanoSizer™ extrusion cartridges to provide a clean, easy-to-use platform for extruding up to hundreds of liters of solution. Automated options are available for processing a range of volumes, from the milliliter (NanoSizer™ Auto) scale to batches of tens or hundreds of liters (NanoSizer™ Auto PLUS).

      Liposome extrusion is the most efficient technique for sizing liposomes to compare with ultrasonication, freeze-thaw sonication (FTS), sonication and homogenization (Reference)


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