Directory of Global Suppliers

  Website Location Field of Practice and Indications
Amytrx Therapeutics AL - Birmingham Peptide Therapies
Protagonist Therapeutics Australia - Brisbane Oral peptides
Neuroscientific Biopharmaceuticals Australia - Cottesloe Peptide for neurological treatments
InterK Peptide Therapeutics Australia - Lane Cove West Synthetic Peptides to Treat Cancer
Lateral Pharma Australia - Melbourne Repurposed Peptide
PYC Therapeutics Australia - Nedlands Peptide drug discovery
Imugene Australia - Sydney Peptide immunotherapy
Antagonis Biotherapeutics Austria - Graz Glycan antagonist peptide for immuno-oncology applications
Ever Neuro Pharma Austria - Unterach Small molecule/peptide for neurology, small molecule injectables for cancer, anesthetic, women's health
APEPTICO Austria - Vienna Peptide Drugs
invIOs Austria - Vienna Novel cancer immunotherapies, cell, siRNA, peptides
OncoQr Austria - Vienna Cancer Immunotherapy
Myosana Therapeutics AZ - Scottsdale Non-viral Gene Therapy
Susavion Biosciences AZ - Tempe Bio-active Peptides
Symvivo BC - Burnaby Bacterial-based gene delivery platform
Nanovation Therapeutics BC - Vancouver Gene Therapy
NervGen Pharma BC - Vancouver Peptide inhibitor of protein tyrosine phosphatase sigma
Sierra Oncology BC - Vancouver DNAi
Flamingo Therapeutics Belgium - RNA Therapeutics
Genflow Biosciences Belgium - Charleroi Anti-aging Gene Therapy
Aelin Therapeutics Belgium - Ghent Peptide-based Biologics
Aelin Therapeutics Belgium - Leuven Peptide-based Biologics
Ziphius Vaccines Belgium - Merelbeke Self-amplifying RNA Vaccine
eTheRNA immunotherapies Belgium - Niel MRNA Therapies
ApexQubit CA - Berkeley microRNA & mRNA
Mammoth Biosciences CA - Brisbane Diagnostics using CRISPR, Gene-Editing Therapies
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical CA - Brisbane Small Molecules, Biologics
NapaJen Pharma CA - Burlingame Oligonucleotide Drugs
Ionis Pharmaceuticals CA - Carlsbad RNA
4D Molecular Therapeutics CA - Emeryville Gene Therapy
Dynavax Technologies CA - Emeryville DNA Therapeutics
Nutcracker Therapeutics CA - Emeryville mRNA manufacturing device
Benitec Biopharma CA - Hayward DdRNAi
Spotlight Therapeutics CA - Hayward In vivo Gene Editing
Matrix Biomed CA - Irvine Gene therapy for various cancers
Urovant Sciences CA - Irvine Small Molecule, Gene Therapy
Visus Therapeutics CA - Irvine Presbyopia-correcting eye drops
Avidity Biosciences CA - La Jolla Antibody-Oligonucleotide Conjugates
Pfizer CA - La Jolla Peptides, Monoclonal Antibodies
DiNAQOR CA - Laguna Hills Gene Therapy for Heart Conditions
CytRx CA - Los Angeles Small Molecules, DNA
Nuravax CA - Los Angeles DNA Vaccine
Vault Pharma CA - Los Angeles Peptide payloads for immune signaling
Avellino Laboratories CA - Menlo Park Gene Therapy, Molecular Diagnostics
CohBar CA - Menlo Park Mitochondrial-Derived Peptides
Rejuvenation Technologies CA - Mountain View Telomere Extension via Nucleoside-modified TERT mRNA
Turn Biotechnologies CA - Mountain View mRNA Therapies
Protagonist Therapeutics CA - Newark Oral peptides for GI indications
Capsida Biotherapeutics CA - Newbury Park AAV Gene Therapy
Alzamend Neuro CA - Newport Beach Alzheimer's Treatment
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical CA - Novato Small Molecules, Biologics
Bioneer CA - Oakland Protein Synthesis Equipment & Reagents. Plans for drug discovery.
OrthoTrophix CA - Oakland Bone, cartilage and teeth therapies
Aspa Therapeutics CA - Palo Alto Gene Therapy
GEn1E Lifesciences CA - Palo Alto Rare Diseases
Genascence CA - Palo Alto Musculoskeletal Gene Therapies
Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals CA - Pasadena RNAi
Genervon Biopharmaceuticals CA - Pasadena Synthetic Peptide
Flow Pharma CA - Pleasant Hill Personalized Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine
Adverum Biotechnologies CA - Redwood City Adeno-Associated Virus Delivery, Gene Therapy
Kriya Therapeutics CA - Redwood City Gene Therapy
Abintus Bio CA - San Diego Gene Therapy
ADARx CA - San Diego RNA Therapeutics
Arcturus Therapeutics CA - San Diego Lipid nanoparticle (LNP) siRNA drug delivery systems
BioNTech CA - San Diego mRNA, Vaccines, Biologics
CEND Therapeutics CA - San Diego Proprietary tumor-penetrating peptide technology
Cidara Therapeutics CA - San Diego Small molecules, peptide
Creyon Bio CA - San Diego Oligonucleotide-based Medicines
Eli Lilly CA - San Diego Biologics Discovery
Empirico CA - San Diego Genetics-Based Drug Discovery
Ensysce Biosciences CA - San Diego Fullerene carbon nanotubes as delivery agents for cancer therapeutics
Haya Therapeutics CA - San Diego RNA-based, RNA-targeting Fibrotic Therapies
Inovio Pharmaceuticals CA - San Diego DNA Vaccines
Lassogen CA - San Diego Lasso peptide-based therapies
Locanabio CA - San Diego RNA-targeting gene therapy
Navega Therapeutics CA - San Diego Chronic Pain Treatment
Nitto BioPharma CA - San Diego Drug Delivery of siRNA
Novartis CA - San Diego Small Molecules, Vaccines, Biologics
Ocelot Bio CA - San Diego Peptide therapeutic to treat complications of end-stage liver disease
Peptide Logic CA - San Diego Peptide-Antibody Conjugates
Poseida Therapeutics CA - San Diego Genome Editing Technologies
PYC Therapeutics CA - San Diego Peptide drug discovery
Ray Therapeutics CA - San Diego Optogenetic Gene Therapy
Regulus Therapeutics CA - San Diego MicroRNAs
Renova Therapeutics CA - San Diego Gene Therapy
Replicate Bioscience CA - San Diego Preventing oncology drug resistance
RogCon Biosciences CA - San Diego Antisense Oligo
Splash Pharmaceuticals CA - San Diego Peptide
Theragene Pharmaceuticals CA - San Diego Immunotherapy, gene therapy and peptide delivery
Visgenx CA - San Diego Therapeutics for Macular Degeneration and Other Age-Related Disorders
Apellis Pharmaceuticals CA - San Francisco Cyclic peptide analog
Cellastra CA - San Francisco Anti-scarring gene therapy/peptides
Digestome Therapeutics CA - San Francisco Food-derived Therapeutic Peptides
DNALite Therapeutics CA - San Francisco Gene Therapy
DNARx CA - San Francisco DNARx specializes in developing gene delivery technologies for cancer, heart disease, and neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s
Excision BioTherapeutics CA - San Francisco Gene Editing
Ligandal CA - San Francisco Nanomedicine delivery for Genetic Medicines
Vir Biotechnology CA - San Francisco Infectious disease therapies
Artery Therapeutics CA - San Ramon Peptide therapies
Unnatural Products CA - Santa Cruz Macrocylic Peptides plus AI
Aligos Therapeutics CA - South SF Therapies for hepatologic diseases and viral infections
Ambys Medicines CA - South SF Liver cell, gene, drug therapies
Attralus CA - South SF Amyloidosis Treatments
Circle Pharma CA - South SF Macrocyclic Therapeutics
Coda Biotherapeutics CA - South SF Gene Therapy
Encoded Therapeutics CA - South SF Gene Therapy
GenEdit CA - South SF Nonviral CRISPR-delivery system
Graphite Bio CA - South SF Next Generation Gene-Editing
Maze Therapeutics CA - South SF Genetic Modifiers of Disease
Tenaya Therapeutics CA - South SF Cardiovascular Therapeutics
Emmaus Life Sciences CA - Torrance Oral amino acid treatment
Riptide Bioscience CA - Vallejo Peptide Therapeutics
Recbio Technology China - mRNA Covid Vaccine
EdiGene (2) China - Beijing Gene Editing Technologies
Shenogen Pharma China - Beijing Small Molecules, Biologics, Viral
Veraptus China - Changsha Aptamers
HitGen China - Chengdu DNA encoded library for drug discovery
Adlai Nortye China - Hangzhou Cancer & Metabolic Disease Treatments
Exegenesis Bio China - Hangzhou Gene Therapy
Sciwind Biosciences China - Hangzhou Oral peptide delivery
TOT Biopharm China - Jiangsu Biosimilars, Antibodies, Gene Therapy, Vaccines
Suzhou Ribo Life Science Company China - Kunshan RNAi
Frontier Biotechnologies China - Nanjing Long-acting peptides, APIS
Belief BioMed China - Shanghai AAV-delivered Gene Therapies
Rona Therapeutics China - Shanghai RNA Therapeutics Platform
RVAC Medicines China - Shanghai mRNA, vaccines, and lipid nanoparticle technologies
StemiRNA Therapeutics China - Shanghai mRNA Treatments
VISEN Pharmaceuticals China - Shanghai Endocrine Diseases
CureGenetics China - Suzhou Gene-editing - Diagnostics, Therapies
Frontera Therapeutics China - Suzhou Gene Therapy Development
Sirnaomics China - Suzhou RNAi Therapeutics
Starna Therapeutics China - Suzhou mRNA vaccine, therapies
Neurophth Therapeutics China - Wuhan Ophthalmology Gene Therapy
Ceria Therapeutics CO - Aurora mRNA Delivery
Neurexis Therapeutics CO - Aurora Peptide for Cardiac Indications
Viridian Therapeutics CO - Boulder MicroRNA
Mitotherapeutix CT - Farmington siRNA drugs
Bioasis Technologies CT - Guilford Blood-Brain Barrier Crossing Peptides
Gennao Bio CT - New Haven Nucleic Acid Therapeutics
Oncovir DC - Washington Nucleic-acid-based clinical therapies for cancer, infectious, immune disorders.
ISD Immunotech Denmark - Aarhus Targeted molecular peptide therapy for the most severe SLE
Antag Therapeutics Denmark - Copenhagen Therapeutic peptides for dietary-related metabolic diseases
Avilex Pharma Denmark - Copenhagen Peptide for ischemic stroke
IO Biotech Denmark - Copenhagen Cancer Vaccines
SNIPR BIOME Denmark - Copenhagen CRISPR for microbiome management
Zealand Pharma Denmark - Soborg Peptide Drugs
Herantis Pharma Finland - Espoo Biologic for Parkinson's, gene therapy for secondary lymphedema
Valo Therapeutics Finland - Helsinki Oncolytic Virus, Peptide
AGTC FL - Alachua Gene Therapy
AavantiBio FL - Gainesville Gene Therapies
Ambulero FL - Miami Cell & Gene Therapies
NuGenerex Immuno-Oncology FL - Miramar Biologics
San Rocco Therapeutics FL - Tampa Gene Therapy, Orphan Diseases
GlioCure France - Angers Peptide
InnoSkel France - Biot Therapies for Rare Skeletal Diseases
Amolyt Pharma France - Ecully Therapeutic Peptides
Atamyo Therapeutics France - Evry Gene Therapies targeting neuromuscular diseases
Généthon France - Evry Gene Therapy
Vaxeal France - Evry Cancer Immunotherapies, Long Synthetic Peptides
Dynacure France - Illkirch Antisense oligo
PeptiMimesis France - Illkirch Therapeutic Peptides
Transgene France - Illkirch-Graffenstaden Viral Vector Therapeutics, Gene Therapy
Odimma Therapeutics France - Illkirhc Personalized Cancer Immunotherapy
PDC*line Pharma France - La Tronche
Novel class of off-the-shelf cancer immunotherapies based on a proprietary Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell
Enterosys France - Labege Oral Peptides
Axoltis Pharma France - Lyon Neurological Peptide Drugs
Nosopharm France - Lyon Anti-infectives, Peptide
Tollys France - Lyon dsRNA Therapy
Transgene France - Lyon Viral Vector Therapeutics, Gene Therapy
Eli Lilly France - Neuilly-sur-Seine Small Molecules, Biologics
Lysogene France - Neuilly-sur-Seine AAV gene therapy technology
Coave Therapeutics France - Paris Gene Therapy in Ophthalmology
EG 427 France - Paris Pinpoint Gene Therapy
Eyevensys France - Paris Ophthalmic Treatment Plasmid
GenSight Biologics France - Paris Ophthalmic Gene Therapy
Inotrem France - Paris Peptide Therapy
Invectys France - Paris DNA Vaccine
Onxeo France - Paris Orphan Diseases
PEP-Therapy France - Paris Peptide Therapies
SparingVision France - Paris Retinal Gene Therapy Treatments
Vaxon Biotech France - Paris Cancer Vaccine
Vivet Therapeutics France - Paris Gene Therapy for Orphan Diseases
Inotrem France - Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy Peptide Therapy
Ennaid Therapeutics GA - Alpharetta Orally deliverable anti-viral peptide
Genecure GA - Norcross Gene Therapy
Expression Therapeutics GA - Tucker Gene Therapies
Berlin Cures Germany - Berlin Aptamer for Cardio Indication
BioNTech Germany - Berlin mRNA, Vaccines, Biologics
Silence Therapeutics Germany - Berlin RNAi
CureVac Germany - Frankfurt MRNA treatments
DiNAQOR Germany - Hamburg Gene Therapy for Heart Conditions
Evotec Germany - Hamburg Contract drug discovery & development
GeneQuine Biotherapeutics Germany - Hamburg Gene Therapy for Osteoarthritis
Topas Therapeutics Germany - Hamburg Nanoparticles loaded with Antigenic Peptides
Cardior Pharmaceuticals Germany - Hanover Ncrna inhibitor for myocardial infarction
Pantherna Therapeutics Germany - Hennigsdorf Nanoparticle Delivery for mRNA drugs
BioNTech Germany - Idar-Oberstein mRNA, Vaccines, Biologics
BioNTech Germany - Mainz mRNA, Vaccines, Biologics
Sterna Biologicals & KG Germany - Marburg Antisense Molecule - DNAzyme
Ethris Germany - Planegg MRNA-based therapies
Freeline Therapeutics Germany - Planegg Protein replacement via Gene Therapy
Secarna Pharmaceuticals Germany - Planegg Antisense Oligonucleotide Therapies
ViGeneron Germany - Planegg Gene Therapy
CureVac Germany - Tübingen MRNA treatments
Oryx Translational Medicine Germany - Vaterstetten Cancer Immunotherapy
Amyndas Pharmaceuticals Greece - Glyfada Peptide for various disorders
Exicure IL - Chicago Spherical Nucleic Acid
MAIA Biotechnology IL - Chicago Peptide Cancer Therapies
Oxalo Therapeutics IL - Chicago Peptide-based therapeutics to treat rare renal diseases
Jaguar Gene Therapy IL - Lake Forest AAV-Based Gene Therapies
MBX Biosciences IN - Carmel Hormone Analogues for Rare Endocrine Diseases
Eli Lilly IN - Indianapolis Small Molecules, Biologics
Organic Vaccines Ireland - Dublin Personalized DNA Vaccine
Ovoca Bio Ireland - Dublin Nasally Delivered Synthetic Peptide
Eli Lilly Ireland - Kinsale Small Molecules, Biologics
SpliSense Israel - Jerusalem Antisense Oligonucleotides
BioLineRx Israel - Modi’in Small Molecules, Biologics
Silenseed Israel - Modi’in SiRNA drugs
VBL Therapeutics Israel - Modi’in Biologic, Small Molecule
Atox Bio Israel - Ness Ziona Peptides & Small Molecules
Altheia Science Italy - Milan Cell & Gene Therapy for Autoimmune Disorders
Genenta Science Italy - Milan Gene Therapy
Genespire Italy - Milan Gene Therapy
Holostem Tarapie Avanzate Italy - Modena Cell & Gene Therapy
Eli Lilly Italy - Sesto Fiorentino Small Molecules, Biologics
Kither Biotech Italy - Torino Therapies for the treatment of rare pulmonary diseases
WaVe Life Sciences Japan - Kagoshima Nucleic acid therapies
Gene Therapy Research Institute (GTRI) Japan - Kanagawa Gene Therapy
Oncotherapy Science Japan - Kawasaki City Small Molecule, peptides, antibody therapies, contract analytical
Momotaro-Gene Japan - Okayama Cancer Gene Therapy
Luxna Biotech Japan - Osaka Oligonucleotide Therapeutics
Epsilon Molecular Engineering Japan - Saitama Heavy chain single domain antibodies
Takara Bio Japan - Shiga Gene Therapy, Agribiotech, Biotech Lab Technology
BrightPath Biotherapeutics Japan - Tokyo Peptide Therapies
EA Pharma Japan - Tokyo Amino Acid Treatments
Kubota Pharmaceutical Japan - Tokyo Ophthalmology Products
Modulus Discovery Japan - Tokyo Peptide Discovery?
NapaJen Pharma Japan - Tokyo Oligonucleotide Drugs
Ribomic Japan - Tokyo Aptamers
Sosei Group Japan - Tokyo Umbrella Company
TAGCyx Japan - Tokyo Oligonucleotide Drug Discovery Platform
Caregen Biopharma Korea - Anyang Growth Factors & Biomimetic Peptides
Gemvax & KAEL Korea - Daejeon Peptide Immunotherapy
Peptron Korea - Daejeon Peptide-based Medicine Platform
Seasun Biomaterials Korea - Daejeon Diagnostics & Therapeutics
Biorchestra Korea - Daejon Novel RNA-based Therapeutics
OliPass Korea - Gyeonggi Peptide nucleic acid derivatives
OliX Pharmaceuticals Korea - Gyeonggi RNAi Treatments
Genexine Korea - Seongnam Biologics, DNA Plasmid Vaccine
Aston Sci. Korea - Seoul Therapeutic cancer vaccines and proteostasis modulators
Helixmith Korea - Seoul plasmid DNA based gene therapy
Kolon Life Science Korea - Seoul Cell & Gene Therapy, APIs
Apellis Pharmaceuticals KY - Crestwood Cyclic peptide analog
Frontera Therapeutics MA - Bedford Gene Therapy Development
Homology Medicines MA - Bedford Gene-editing via homologous recombination
Stoke Therapeutics MA - Bedford Antisense Oligonucleotide Medicines
Verseau Therapeutics MA - Bedford Macrophage checkpoint modulators, Monoclonals Antibodies
Nephrogen MA - Beverly Gene Therapy for Kidney Disease
Aileron Therapeutics MA - Boston Perpetually Active Peptides
Akouos MA - Boston Gene Therapy for Hearing Disorders
Atalanta Therapeutics MA - Boston RNAi therapeutics
Constant Therapeutics MA - Boston Peptide Treatments
CureVac MA - Boston MRNA treatments
Ensoma MA - Boston in vivo Gene Therapy
Exegenesis Bio MA - Boston Gene Therapy
Inozyme Pharma MA - Boston Enzyme Replacement Therapy
Intergalactic Therapeutics MA - Boston Non-viral Gene Therapy
Kelonia Therapeutics MA - Boston in vivo CAR T Gene Therapy
MOMA Therapeutics MA - Boston Enzymes - Molecular Machines
Morphiex Biotherapeutics MA - Boston Phosphorodiamidate morpholino oligomers
Orchard Therapeutics MA - Boston Ex-vivo autologous hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy
Rhythm Pharmaceuticals MA - Boston Peptide Therapeutics
STRM.BIO MA - Boston Extracellular vesicles (EVs) to deliver gene therapies
TransCode Therapeutics MA - Boston RNA Delivery, Small Molecule
Transgene MA - Boston Viral Vector Therapeutics, Gene Therapy
SalioGen Therapeutics MA - Burlington Gene Therapy Platform Technology
AGTC MA - Cambridge Gene Therapy
Alltrna MA - Cambridge tRNA therapies
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals MA - Cambridge RNAi
Anji Pharmaceuticals MA - Cambridge High-value targets validated by human genetics
Apic Bio MA - Cambridge Gene Therapy
AVROBIO MA - Cambridge Cellular & Gene Therapies
Axcella Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Amino acid mediated therapeutics
BioNTech MA - Cambridge mRNA, Vaccines, Biologics
Biorchestra MA - Cambridge Novel RNA-based Therapeutics
bluebird bio MA - Cambridge Gene Therapy, Cellular Extraction & Reintroduction
Cytovia Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Gene-Edited iPSC-Derived Natural Killer Cells
Dicerna Pharmaceuticals MA - Cambridge RNAi
Editas Medicine MA - Cambridge Genome Editing Therapies (CRISPR)
Eli Lilly MA - Cambridge Small Molecules, Biologics
FerGene MA - Cambridge Treatment for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer
Gemini Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Genetically-targeted Ophthalmology Medicine
Generation Bio MA - Cambridge Gene Therapy
hC Bioscience MA - Cambridge tRNA-based Therapeutics
Helix Nanotechnologies MA - Cambridge DNA Therapy
Hunterian Medicine MA - Cambridge CRISPR-based drug discovery
Intellia Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Therapeutic gene editing (CRISPR)
Korro Bio MA - Cambridge RNA-editing Drugs
Laronde MA - Cambridge Plasmid RNA Therapeutics
Lytica Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Antimicrobial peptide Design
Moderna Therapeutics MA - Cambridge RNA Therapies
Novartis Novartis MA - Cambridge Small Molecules, Vaccines, Biologics / Diagnostics
Novellus Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Gene Editing Therapy
Novopyxis MA - Cambridge Transdermal drug delivery system
Obsidian Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Cell & Gene Therapies
Omega Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Gene Editing
Orna Therapeutics MA - Cambridge oRNA, Delivery
ProQR Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Oligonucleotide Therapy
Repertoire Immune Medicines MA - Cambridge Cell & Peptide-Based Therapies
SmartPharm Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Production of biologics within patients via gene therapy
Solid Biosciences MA - Cambridge Gene Therapy, Devices, Biologics, Small Molecules all for DMD
Sonata Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Small Molecules, Gene Therapy
Strand Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Gene Therapy
Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Oncology MA - Cambridge RNAi, Small Molecules
Tevard Biosciences MA - Cambridge tRNA-based Gene Therapies
Theonys MA - Cambridge tRNA Therapies
Triplet Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Antisense, mRNA Treatments for Triplet Repeat Disorders
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical MA - Cambridge Small Molecules, Biologics
Vedere Bio II MA - Cambridge Gene Therapy for Eyes
Verve Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Gene-editing Treatments
Vigeo Therapeutics MA - Cambridge Biologics for Cancer
Voyager Therapeutics MA - Cambridge AAV capsid Gene Therapy
WaVe Life Sciences MA - Cambridge Nucleic acid therapies
Comanche Biopharma MA - Concord siRNA for Preeclampsia
Bicycle Therapeutics MA - Lexington Peptides
Carbon Biosciences MA - Lexington Gene Therapy
Guardian Therapeutics MA - Lexington Aptamer Therapeutics
LogicBio Therapeutics MA - Lexington Gene Therapy
uniQure MA - Lexington Gene Therapy
Alcyone Therapeutics MA - Lowell Gene Therapy
Phio Pharmaceuticals MA - Marlborough RNAi
RVAC Medicines MA - Medford mRNA, vaccines, and lipid nanoparticle technologies
Avenge Bio MA - Natick Cell & Gene Therapies
SOLA Biosciences MA - Natick Gene Therapies for Protein Misfolding Diseases
Remedium Bio MA - Needham Gene Therapy
Lactocore MA - Newton CNS Peptides MA - Newton
Precision therapeutics using its proprietary Linear DNA and Circular RNA technology platforms
Moderna Therapeutics MA - Norwood RNA Therapies
Myrtelle MA - Wakefield Gene Therapy
Affinia Therapeutics MA - Waltham Gene Delivery
Apellis Pharmaceuticals MA - Waltham Cyclic peptide analog
Hemera Biosciences MA - Waltham Gene Therapy
OncXerna Therapeutics MA - Waltham Cancer Therapeutics
Viridian Therapeutics MA - Waltham MicroRNA
Selecta Biosciences MA - Watertown Immunogenicity Prevention in Biologic and Enzyme Therapy
Virna Therapeutics MA - West Roxbury Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibody
Curamir Therapeutics MA - Woburn microRNA mimics
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical MA - Woburn Small Molecules, Biologics
Leal Therapeutics MA - Worcester CNS Therapies
Mustang Bio MA - Worcester Immunotherapies
Zata Pharmaceuticals MA - Worcester RNA, DNA Therapeutics
AsclepiX Therapeutics MD - Baltimore Peptide drugs
CiVi Biopharma MD - Chevy Chase Novel therapies against cardiometabolic diseases
Ibex Biosciences MD - Cumberland Biologics, Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy
BioNTech MD - Gaithersburg mRNA, Vaccines, Biologics
miRecule MD - Gaithersburg microRNA Therapeutics for Cancer
RNAimmune MD - Gaithersburg mRNA therapies
Sirnaomics MD - Gaithersburg RNAi Therapeutics
AAVogen MD - Rockville Gene therapeutics to strengthen muscle and fight disease
American Gene Technologies MD - Rockville Gene Therapy and Immunotherapy Company.
RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals MD - Rockville Peptides
ReGenX Biosciences MD - Rockville Gene Therapy, Biologics
United Therapeutics MD - Silver Spring Small Molecules, Biologics
Novartis Mexico - Mexico City Small Molecules, Vaccines, Biologics
Eli Lilly Mexico - San José Small Molecules, Biologics
Diapin Therapeutics MI - Ann Arbor Peptide for diabetes
ONL Therapeutics MI - Ann Arbor Small molecule peptide
Vir Biotechnology MO - St. Louis Infectious disease therapies
Soricimed Biopharma NB - Moncton Proprietary TRPV6-targeting peptide platform
Trana Discovery NC - Cary Anti-infective discovery company
Atsena Therapeutics NC - Durham Gene Therapy
bluebird bio NC - Durham Gene Therapy, Cellular Extraction & Reintroduction
Fennec Pharma NC - Durham Small Molecules, Cyclic Peptides
Pfizer NC - Durham Small Molecules, Vaccines, Biologics
Precision BioSciences NC - Durham Genome-editing enzymes, CAR-T
Sio Gene Therapies NC - Durham Gene Therapy for Neurodegenerative Indications
StrideBio NC - Durham Antibody-Evading Gene Therapy
United Therapeutics NC - Durham Small Molecules, Biologics
Kriya Therapeutics NC - Morrisville Gene Therapy
Adrenas Therapeutics NC - Raleigh Gene Therapy
RainBIO NC - Raleigh Cornea Gene Therapy
Numeric Biotech Netherlands - Senolytic peptide
uniQure Netherlands - Amsterdam Gene Therapy
VectorY Netherlands - Amsterdam Vectorized Antibodies
Temple Therapeutics Netherlands - Geleen Amino Acid-based Surgical Treatment
Lanthio Pharma Netherlands - Groningen GPCR agonist peptides
Amarna Therapeutics Netherlands - Leiden Viral Gene Delivery Platform
Amylon Therapeutics Netherlands - Leiden RNA-based therapies
Hybridize Therapeutics Netherlands - Leiden RNA treatments for kidney disease
Immunetune Netherlands - Leiden Personalized DNA-based Vaccines
ProQR Therapeutics Netherlands - Leiden Oligonucleotide Therapy
Vico Therapeutics Netherlands - Leiden Oligonucleotide based RNA modulating therapeutics
Chondropeptix Netherlands - Maastricht Peptide for cartilage improvement
InteRNA Technologies Netherlands - Nijmegen MiRNA Therapeutics
DegenRx Netherlands - Tilburg Gene Therapy, Antibodies
Treeway Netherlands - Tilburg Small Molecules, Gene Therapy
InteRNA Technologies Netherlands - Utrecht MiRNA Therapeutics
Amaroq Therapeutics New Zealand - Auckland lncRNA Therapeutics
CuroNZ New Zealand - Wellsford Neural Regeneration Peptides
Neurotez NJ - Bridgewater Peptide Treatment for Alzheimer's
Bioincept NJ - Cherry Hill Synthetic Preimplantation Factor Peptide
IVERIC Bio NJ - Cranbury Aptamers, Biologics
Novartis NJ - East Hanover Small Molecules, Vaccines, Biologics
Ceptur Therapeutics NJ - Hillsborough U1 Adaptor Technology for RNA Therapeutics
EOM Pharmaceuticals NJ - Montvale Peptide-nucleic Acid Solutions
CavtheRx NJ - Pittstown Cell-permeable Peptide
ReGenTree NJ - Princeton Therapeutic Peptides
PhageNova Bio NJ - Summit Gene Delivery Vector
Cytovation Norway - Bergen Peptide for cancer
Hubro Therapeutics Norway - Oslo Cancer Immunotherapies
Lytix Biopharma Norway - Oslo Oncolytic Peptide
Nykode Therapeutics Norway - Oslo Therapeutic DNA Vaccine
PCI Biotech Norway - Oslo Drug Delivery
Ultimovacs Norway - Oslo Immunotherapy
APIM Therapeutics Norway - Trondheim Peptide Drugs
Fixx Pharmaceuticals NV - Las Vegas Developing a cure for Hemophilia through the use of CRISPR gene editing
RosVivo Therapeutics NV - Reno miRNA & siRNA Therapies
MimiVAX NY - Buffalo Immunotherapeutics
Sapience Therapeutics NY - Harrison Peptide-based Therapies for cancers
TheraSource NY - Manhasset Proteins and peptides for inflammation
Apertura Gene Therapy NY - New York AAV vectors for Gene Therapy
Aruvant Sciences NY - New York Gene Therapy
Chimerna Therapeutics NY - New York RNA Therapeutics
Lexeo Therapeutics NY - New York Gene Therapy
Neurogene NY - New York Genetic Therapies
Oncogenuity NY - New York Oligonucleotide platform for the treatment of genetically driven cancers
Orphion Therapeutics NY - New York Gene Therapy
PIN Pharma NY - New York Immunomodulatory Peptide
Prevail Therapeutics NY - New York AAV-based gene therapies
Protagenic Therapeutics NY - New York Neuro-Active Peptides
Renbio NY - New York Gene Therapy Directing Antibody Creation in vivo
Rocket Pharmaceuticals NY - New York Gene Therapies
Scopus BioPharma NY - New York Immuno-oncology Gene Therapy
Sio Gene Therapies NY - New York Gene Therapy for Neurodegenerative Indications
Spine BioPharma NY - New York Amino acid peptide for spinal pain relief
Alpha-1 Biologics NY - Stony Brook Small molecules, peptides, diagnostic, vaccine
iCell Gene Therapeutics NY - Stony Brook Gene Therapy for Cancer
NeoMatrix Therapeutics NY - Stony Brook Bioactive Peptides for Burn Healing
Abeona Therapeutics OH - Cleveland Therapies for Sanfilippo (SF) Syndrome Type A and Type B.
SapVax OH - Cleveland Peptide-based, self-adjuvanting cancer vaccines
Basking Biosciences OH - Columbus Reversible thrombolytic therapy for acute ischemic stroke
ExonanoRNA OH - Columbus RNA nanoparticles, therapies
Biosortia Pharmaceuticals OH - Dublin Peptide Drugs
SYNG Pharmaceuticals ON - Kingston Diagnostic, Peptide-based Non-Hormonal Treatment for Endometriosis
Atorvia Health Technologies ON - Ottawa Kidney-targeted peptide that prevents regulated cell death and kidney failure
AVROBIO ON - Toronto Cellular & Gene Therapies
Deep Genomics ON - Toronto AI-discovery, Oligonucleotide Therapies
Notch Therapeutics ON - Toronto Gene-modified T cell therapy
Providence Therapeutics ON - Toronto mRNA Cancer Vaccines
Zucara Therapeutics ON - Toronto Peptide analog for diabetes treatment
13therapeutics OR - Portland Peptide Therapeutics
Vir Biotechnology OR - Portland Infectious disease therapies
SwanBio Therapeutics PA - Bala Cynwyd Gene Therapy
Code Biotherapeutics PA - Hatfield DNA-based Gene Therapy Vector
Gyroscope Therapeutics PA - King of Prussia Gene Therapy
NanoCell Therapeutics PA - King of Prussia Gene Therapy
Exegenesis Bio PA - Lower Gwynedd Gene Therapy
Amyndas Pharmaceuticals PA - Philadelphia Peptide for various disorders
Chimeron Bio PA - Philadelphia Cancer Immunotherapy
iECURE PA - Philadelphia Gene Editing Therapies
Interius BioTherapeutics PA - Philadelphia Novel methods for in vivo cell-specific gene delivery
Leal Therapeutics PA - Philadelphia CNS Therapies
Longevity Biotech PA - Philadelphia Synthetic Peptides
Opus Genetics PA - Philadelphia Ophthalmology Gene Therapy
Passage Bio PA - Philadelphia Gene Therapy
SparingVision PA - Philadelphia Retinal Gene Therapy Treatments
Spark Therapeutics PA - Philadelphia Singe Dose Gene Therapy
Spirovant Sciences PA - Philadelphia Gene Therapy - Lung Diseases
Krystal Biotech PA - Pittsburgh Gene Therapy
NeuBase Therapeutics PA - Pittsburgh Oligonucleotides
Peptilogics PA - Pittsburgh Antibiotics
Geneos Therapeutics PA - Plymouth Meeting Plasmid-based Neoantigen-targeted Cancer Therapies
Inovio Pharmaceuticals PA - Plymouth Meeting DNA Vaccines
NeuExcell Therapeutics PA - State College Gene Therapy for Neural Regeneration & Repair
Arbutus Biopharma PA - Warminster RNAi
Windtree Therapeutics PA - Warrington Peptides
XyloCor Therapeutics PA - Wayne Gene Therapy
Renovacor PA - Wynnewood Recombinant adeno-associated virus-based gene therapy
ExploRNA Therapeutics Poland - Warsaw mRNA Therapies
Eli Lilly PR - Carolina Recombinant Insulin
Eli Lilly PR - Mayaguez Small Molecules, Biologics
Novartis QC - Dorval Small Molecules, Vaccines, Biologics
ExCellThera QC - Montréal Growing blood stem cells for therapeutic use
Replicor QC - Montréal DNA, polymer, small molecule combination Hepatitis B treatment
Feldan Therapeutics QC - Quenec City Peptide-based Intracellular Delivery Technology
Bolden Therapeutics RI - Providence Antisense Oligonucleotides for Neuro Indications
Carmine Therapeutics Singapore - Singapore Medicines based on red blood cell extracellular vesicles (RBCEVs)
Nuevocor Singapore - Singapore AAV-based gene therapy
Cargene Singapore - Singapore Nucleic Acid Therapeutics
Juniper Biologics Singapore - Singapore Small Molecules, Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy
RVAC Medicines Singapore - Singapore mRNA, vaccines, and lipid nanoparticle technologies
Eli Lilly Spain - Alcobendas Small Molecules, Biologics
Esteve Spain - Barcelona Small Molecules, Gene Therapy
Peptomyc Spain - Barcelona Cell Penetrating Peptides
SpliceBio Spain - Barcelona Intein Technologies - Gene Therapy
aptaTargets Spain - Madrid Aptamer Drugs
Highlight Therapeutics Spain - Madrid Immuno-oncology, synthetic dsRNA complex
Sylentis Spain - Madrid RNAi Treatments
Highlight Therapeutics Spain - Valencia Immuno-oncology, synthetic dsRNA complex
Elicera Therapeutics Sweden - Göteborg Cell & Gene Therapy Immuno-Oncology
CanImGuide Therapeutics Sweden - Lund Peptide Immunomodulator
CombiGene Sweden - Lund Gene Therapy
In2cure Sweden - Lund Peptide-Based Drugs for Inflammatory & Infectious Disease
Xinnate Sweden - Lund Peptide-based Drugs
Aptahem Sweden - Malmö Aptamer-based Drugs
Cyxone Sweden - Malmö Immunomodulating cyclotides for the treatment of autoimmune diseases
WntResearch Sweden - Malmö Peptide Therapies
InDex Pharmaceuticals Sweden - Solna DNA-Based Drugs, Diagnostics
Ilya Pharma Sweden - Uppsala Biologics for wounds, Cell & Gene Therapy
Avrion Therapeutics Switzerland - Allschwil Gene Therapies for Neurodegenerative Diseases
Novartis Switzerland - Basel Small Molecules, Vaccines, Biologics
Versameb Switzerland - Basel RNA Therapeutics
Vir Biotechnology Switzerland - Bellinzona Infectious disease therapies
AMAL Therapeutics Switzerland - Geneva Therapeutic Vaccines
Antion Biosciences Switzerland - Geneva Gene & Cell Therapy
Relief Therapeutics Switzerland - Geneva Peptide & Protein Therapies
HAYA Therapeutics Switzerland - Lausanne RNA-based, RNA-targeting Fibrotic Therapies
IBSA Institut Biochimique Switzerland - Lugano Various Treatments and Nutraceuticals
Anjarium Biosciences Switzerland - Schlieren Non-viral Gene Therapy
DiNAQOR Switzerland - Schlieren Gene Therapy for Heart Conditions
Redbiotec Switzerland - Schlieren Various Biologic Modalities
Vaxeal Switzerland - Vevey Cancer Immunotherapies, Long Synthetic Peptides
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Switzerland - Zug RNAi
BRIM Biotechnology Taiwan - Taipei Peptides, Recombinant Proteins
Amytrx Therapeutics TN - Nashville Peptide Therapies
Eternans Turkey - Senolytic peptide
Genprex TX - Austin Immunogene Therapy
Nanoscope Therapeutics TX - Bedford AAV-delivered opsin
Bio-Path Holdings TX - Bellaire Antisense DNA therapeutics
ReCode Therapeutics TX - Dallas Nucleic Acid Therapeutic Delivery
Taysha Gene Therapies TX - Dallas Adeno-associated virus gene therapies
Vaxxinity TX - Dallas Endobody Vaccines, Synthetic Peptides Vaccine
Xequal Bio TX - Fort Worth Peptide for Injury Healing
Chrysalis BioTherapeutics TX - Galveston Peptide to stimulate tissue regeneration
Esperance Pharmaceuticals TX - Houston Membrane Disrupting Peptides
Neurogene TX - Houston Genetic Therapies
Twister Biotech TX - Houston Gene Therapies
Immunocore UK - Abingdon T Cell Receptor Fragment
Eli Lilly UK - Basingstoke Small Molecules, Biologics
Bicycle Therapeutics UK - Cambridge Peptides
Phico Therapeutics UK - Cambridge Anti-bacterial technology
Transine Therapeutics UK - Cambridge IncRNA
VaxEquity UK - Cambridge Self-amplifying RNA
Senisca UK - Exeter Antisense Oligonucleotides for Senescence
ILC Therapeutics UK - Lanarkshire Synthetic Peptides
AviadoBio UK - London Gene Therapies for neurodegenerative
Axovia Therapeutics UK - London AAV Gene Therapy
Black Swan Pharmaceuticals UK - London Antisense RNA-based therapeutics for ALS
Complement Therapeutics UK - London Complement Medicines - AAV Gene Therapy, Biologics
Cytovation UK - London Peptide for cancer
DiNAQOR UK - London Gene Therapy for Heart Conditions
Enara Bio UK - London Dark Antigens to deliver targeted off-the-shelf cancer vaccines
Genflow Biosciences UK - London Anti-aging Gene Therapy
MeiraGTx UK - London Gene Therapy
MiNA Therapeutics UK - London Small activating RNA
Orchard Therapeutics UK - London Ex-vivo autologous hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy
Poolbeg Pharma UK - London Developing drugs to sell off
Purespring Therapeutics UK - London Gene Therapy for Kidney Disease
Silence Therapeutics UK - London RNAi
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals UK - Maidenhead RNAi
TYG Oncology UK - Mansfield Cancer Immunotherapy
Lamellar Biomedical UK - North Lanarkshire Nucleic Acid Transfer Technology
Ikarovec UK - Norwich Ocular Gene Therapy
Ochre Bio UK - Oxford siRNA liver drugs
Oxford Biomedica UK - Oxford Gene-based Medicines
Oxular UK - Oxford Gene Therapy
Valo Therapeutics UK - Oxford Oncolytic Virus, Peptide
Nanogenics UK - Selkirk Gene Therapy
Freeline Therapeutics UK - Stevenage Protein replacement via Gene Therapy
Gyroscope Therapeutics UK - Stevenage Gene Therapy
Plasticell UK - Stevenage Cell, Gene Therapy, Blood Products
Celixir UK - Stratford-upon-Avon Regenerative Medicine, RNAi
Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Oncology UT - Lehi RNAi, Small Molecules
PEEL Therapeutics UT - Salt Lake City Elephant-inspired Cancer Therapies
Techulon VA - Blacksburg Peptide-Peptide Nucleic Acids
Serpin Pharma VA - Manassas Peptide drugs
ReAlta Life Sciences VA - Norfolk Complement and Inflammation Inhibition drug products
Allysta Pharmaceuticals WA - Bellevue Therapeutic Peptides
PharmaIN WA - Bothell Subcutaneous peptides, Out licensing
AltPep WA - Seattle Alternating Peptides for Neurological Diseases
bluebird bio WA - Seattle Gene Therapy, Cellular Extraction & Reintroduction
OncoSenX WA - Seattle Proteo-Lipid Vehicle (PLV) and plasmid DNA for cancer
Sana Biotechnology WA - Seattle Cell & Gene Therapies
Shape Therapeutics WA - Seattle RNA-editing gene therapy
Umoja Biopharma WA - Seattle Cellular immunotherapy platform
Visus Therapeutics WA - Seattle Presbyopia-correcting eye drops
YouthBio Therapeutics WA - Seattle Gene therapies
Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals WI - Madison RNAi
Nimble Therapeutics WI - Madison Photoprotected Amino Acids


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A.G. Scientific    
Cayman Chemical    
Corden Pharma    
Creative PEG Works    
Echelon Biosciences    
Fisher Scientific    
ILPS Org    
JP Laboratories, Inc    
Lipid Bank    
Lipoid LLC    
Millipore Sigma    
Nanosoft Polymers    
NOF America    
VAV Life Sciences    
Pronova Biocare - The EPAX Producer    
Nucleic Acids Suppliers Website Location Clinical/Non-Clinical
Abogen Biosciences      
Albany Molecular Research      
Allele Biotechnology      
Arcturus Therapeutics      
Asterias Biotherapeutics      
Atrium Health      
Baxter BioPharma Solutions      
BD Gene Therapeutics      
Beijing Tricision Biotherapeutics
BIA Separations      
Biological E.      
BioNtech IMFS      
bluebird bio      
BOC RNA      
Boehringer Ingelheim      
Bristol-Myers Squibb      
Celldex Therapeutics      
Chiesi Farmaceutici      
China Grand Pharmaceutical      
click biosystems      
CMC Pharmaceuticals      
Creative Biogene      
Creative Biolabs      
Creative Biolabs      
Eli Lilly      
Elixirgen Therapeutics      
Eurofins Genomics      
Farmaceuticos ROVI      
Fosun Pharma      
GC Pharma      
Gritstone Oncology      
GSL Biotech      
Hanmi Pharmaceutical      
Immatics Biotechnologies      
Immunomic Therapeutics      
Integrate RNA      
Intellia Therapeutics      
Iovance Biotherapeutics      
Jacobson Pharma      
Jena Bioscience      
Lion TCR      
Mayo Clinic      
Merck Sharp & Dohme      
Millipore Sigma      
New England Biolabs      
Northern RNA      
Novo Nordisk      
OZ Biosciences      
Providence Therapeutics      
RD Biotech      
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals      
Rentschler Biopharma      
Roivant Sciences      
Samsung Biologics      
Sanofi Pasteur      
SeouLin Bioscience      
ST Pharm      
Stemirna Therapeutics      
Synbio Technologies      
Synbio Technologies      
Syneos Health      
System Biosciences      
Takeda Pharmaceuticals      
Thermo Fisher Scientific      
Translate Bio      
TriLink Biotechnologies      
TriLink Biotechnologies      
WACKER Chemie      
Walvax Biotechnology      
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2-BBB Medicines      
Abbott Laboratories      
AbbVie Contract Manufacturing      
Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services      
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals      
Althea Technologies      
Altum Pharmaceuticals      
Arbro Pharmaceuticals      
Arbutus Biopharma      
Arcturus Therapeutics      
Aronex Pharmaceuticals (a subsidiary of Agenus)      
Ascendia Pharmaceuticals      
Astellas Pharma      
Avanti Polar Lipids      
B. Braun      
Bausch Health (formerly Valeant Pharmaceuticals)      
Berna Biotech Pharma      
BioZone Labs      
BOC Sciences      
Boehringer Ingelheim      
Bristol Myers Squibb      
Britannia Pharmaceuticals      
BSP Pharmaceuticals      
Caisson Biotech      
CanSino Biologics      
Cayman Chemical      
Cipher Pharmaceuticals      
Cone Bioproducts      
Creative Biolabs      
Creative Biostructure      
Daiichi Sankyo      
Dalton Pharma Services      
Diethelm Keller Siber Hegner (DKSH)      
Elan Pharmaceuticals      
Empirical Labs      
Encapsula NanoSciences      
Entos Pharmaceuticals      
ForDoz Pharma      
FormuMax Scientific      
Fresenius Kabi      
Genus Pharmaceuticals (acquired by STADA Arzneimittel)      
GHO Capital      
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals      
GP Pharm      
Helix BioPharma      
HTD Biosystems      
Intas Pharmaceuticals      
Jamia Hamdard University      
Jazz Pharmaceuticals      
Jina Pharmaceuticals      
Juniper Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Catalent)      
KD Pharma      
Keystone Nano      
Kowa Pharmaceuticals      
Lantheus Medical Imaging      
LATITUDE Pharmaceuticals      
Leadiant Biosciences      
Lipid Systems      
Lipidome Lifesciences      
lndchem International      
LSNE Contract Manufacturing      
Lypro Biosciences      
Marine Ingredients (KD Pharma)      
Matinas BioPharma      
Memory Secret      
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals      
Moleculin Biotech      
Nabros Pharma      
Nagase Medicals      
Nemus Bioscience      
NeXstar Pharmceuticals (acquired by Gilead Sciences)      
Nippon Fine Chemical      
NOF Europe      
OPKO Health      
Ozone Pharmaceuticals      
Pacira Pharmaceuticals      
Phares Drug Delivery      
Pharmaceutics International      
Piramal Pharma Solutions      
Polymun Scientific      
Precision NanoSystems      
Quay Pharma      
Quotient Sciences      
Samyang Biopharmaceuticals      
Sancilio Pharmaceuticals      
SciTech Development      
Sequus Pharmaceuticals      
Shochem (Shanghai)      
STA Pharmaceutical      
Sucampo Pharmaceuticals      
Sun Pharma      
T&T Scientific      
Takeda Pharmaceuticals      
Talon Therapeutics      
Tergus Pharma      
Teva Pharmaceuticals      
The Liposome Company (acquired by Elan Pharmaceuticals)      
Transferra Nanosciences (acquired by Evonik)      
TTY Biopharm      
Univar Solutions      
Validus Pharmaceuticals      
Variant Pharmaceuticals      
VAV Lifesciences      
VCARE Bio Labs      
Vineland Environmental Laboratories      
ViralClear Pharmaceuticals (a subsidiary of BioSig)      
VLP Therapeutics      
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals      
ZoneOne Pharma      
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