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We follow the process below to start our potential collaborations with our clients:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement: if a non-disclosure agreement is required, please click here to review our mutual NDA. We also will be happy to review your NDA if it is more convenient.  
  • Free Initial Consultation: If requested, our team will contact you to set up the cost-free initial consultation meeting with appropriate team members to answer any question and discuss your inquiry in more details.
  • T&T Proposal: A proposal from T&T Scientific on the project will be prepared and sent to you for your review.
  • Revisions and Execution: Our team will closely work with you to reiterate the proposal as needed. After the revisions and finalization, the proposal will be signed by both parties and the kick off meeting will be scheduled with the client.
** We are launching wide range of liposome products listing soon. In the meantime, please send us your inquiry and we will send you a quotation within same day.


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