Invest in T&T Scientific: A Technology Company Disrupting the Manufacturing of Novel Nanomedicines

T&T Scientific is proudly announcing its fundraising efforts after achieving and meeting significant milestones, 5 years building the most strong and broad foundation for pharmaceutical lipid nanoparticle manufacturing, and formulations. Now, after the market proven and driven by two top COVID-19 Vaccines and the market is rapidly adjusting with LNP drug delivery systems, T&T see the necessity to scale and expand its capacity to meet the demand. T&T Scientific currently have three COVID-19 vaccine formulation and manufacturing project and producing multiple human clinical batches. T&T has build major client-base of more than 1,000 in more than 60 countries. Currently we receive incredible amount of inquiry as LNP proved to be the technology to protect and delivery vaccines and therapeutics. to scale up the manufacturing line for production of pharmaceutical mRNA-LNP vaccines, and other LNP therapeutics. T&T holds intellectual properties of 3 patents approved, 8 patents pending and several more under preparation. T&T Scientific clear competitive advantage to any other company is to support clients from concept to patient whether it is being done at T&T facilities or the client facility with T&T technologies, services, and support. T&T Scientific in series A planned the need and targeting to raise $22.8M to target rapidly growing ~$4B revenue market and $40B+ market capitalization space with clear competitive advantages. T&T has a clear track record of rapidly growing revenue to target well validated market. The preferred structure for this round of fundraising, we are looking for a lead investment to be offered with board seat(s) followed by strategic investor and partners.