Job Description

Quality Control (QC) Department engages with testing and inspecting pharmaceutical products manufactured for different phases of drug development from pre-clinical, and animal studies to clinical trials and commercial manufacturing. It also requires the evaluation of the manufacturing process. Results of those examinations and inspections require comprehensive data analysis and interpretation, and reporting all of which demand high organization, analytical, writing and reporting, and critical thinking skills at our Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO). These analytics and results and reporting in clinical trials and commercial manufacturing are often being presented to the FDA for part of pharmaceutical drug approvals.

Job Responsibilities

  • CDMO Director of Quality Control evaluate information to verify that pharmaceutical products comply with formulation user specifications, the FDA regulations, and they release their findings in reports to clients to be utilized in strategic directions for future phases, FDA submissions, .
  • Our reports demonstrate how the analytical procedures of the manufacturing process meet the pharmaceutical formulation user requirements, and the established FDA standards
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Quaity Control (QC) Department work precisely to measure the quality of products by comparing them to accepted specification and performance indicators as demonstrated in FDA guidlines.
  • Development and Manufacturing Quaity Control (QC) Department analyzes the results of manufacturing process to create improve and develop new criterial and strategies to minimize defects in pharmaceutical products.
  • Development and Manufacturing Quaity Control (QC) Department communicate and share detailed and important quality control results information with quality assurance and management departments in our organization.

Preferred Requirements

Skills: Organization, Writing, Communication, TeamWork, and Attention to Details
Experience: Analytical Methods and Equipment Preferably with Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), Chromatography (HPLC, GC-FID, LC-MS, & GC-MS), UV-Vis Spectroscopy, pH Testing, and Analysis, Encapsulation Efficiency Assays, Microscopic Techniques, and Methods.
Education: There is No Required Education and Degree for Any Position at T&T Scientific


  • Health Insurance: 90% Coverage for Employees and Their First Family with a Wide Range of Plans Company Insurance Plans
  • 401K Retirement Plan: 100% Company Matching Contribution on the First 3% of Pay that Employee Contributes; 50% Company Matching Contribution on the Next 2% of Pay that Employee Contributes (Company Performance Based Additional Annual Company Retirement Contribution).
  • Every Weekdays Free Lunch at the Corporate Office (Monday-Friday)
  • Relocation Fees Coverage: 100% Coverage for Relocation Upto $8,000 Reimbursement
  • Paid Time Off (PTO): Most Competitive Number of Paid Time Off per Year with Maximum Possible Rollover from Year to Year
  • Cash Bonus: Over the Top and Competitive Salary, Plus Cash and Raise Based Bonuses (Guaranteed and Performance-Based) on Candidate's Criteria Maybe Added to Offer. Additional Upto 5% Raise of Salary Compensations.
  • Special Rewarding Employee Appreciation Programs (Terms and Conditions Are Applied).
  • Paid Parental Leave (Terms and Conditions Are Applied).
  • Incomparable Career Advancement and Growth Opportunity to Join T&T Scientific at this time.