Job Description

At our pharmaceutical manufacturing unit at T&T Scientific, the duties center on the production and assembly of pharmaceutical drug products and devices following the protocols, procedures, and standards defined by our quality assurance department. This includes preclinical to commercial manufacturing of pharmaceutical drug products; assembly of technologies and implementation of a range of software developed and launched by T&T Scientific's Product and Platform Development Department.  

Job Responsibilities

  • Preparation and Execution of Logbooks and Batch Record Documentations with Prcise and Accurate Measures
  • Following Procedures and Protocols Closely and Precisely to Assemble Devices and Equipment
  • Timely Execution of the Procedures and SOPs to Clean Pharmaceutical Preparation and Production Equipment and Facilities.
  • Operating Pharmaceutical Production Machinery and Executes on SOPs and procedures for Manufacturing such as Weighing, Extruding, Operating Rotary Evaporators, Microfluidizer, and Microfluidics Systems, Dispensing, Mixing, Coating, Encapsulating, Granulating, Drying, Milling, Blending, Compressing,
  • Recording Non-conformances and Work Closely with Quality Assurance Department in Addressing the Corrective Actions of Processing Related Issues.
  • Maintains Production Reports for Assigning Tasks to Unit Operations
  • Performing Required In-process Product Quality Checks and Documents Accurately.
  • Executes Procedures to Execute On-time Operations in a Safe, Efficient, and Effective Setup.
  • Works Closely with Departments of Engineering, Quality Control, and Quality Assurance Independently
  • Assisting with Job Training of other Production to the New Team Members and Staff
  • Completing Work Orders in Fully Compliant and Safe Manner by Periodically Reviewing SOPs, and Protocols.
  • Effectively Communicating with Supervisor who Is the Channel to Other Departments
  • Adheres to all cGMPs, compliance/regulatory Mandates and Quality Requirements Specified in Quality Manuals and SOPs.
  • Helping to Identify and Impent a Continues Improvement of Quality and Efficiency.

Preferred Requirements

Skills: Attention to Details, Reading and Writing, Communication, Comprehension, Decision Making, Risk Assessment, Organization, and Creativity.
Experience: Regulatory Affairs, Knowledge, and Experience of Reading, Comprehending, and Implementing the FDA and Good Manufacturing Practices Guidelines.
Education: There is No Required Education and Degree for Any Position at T&T Scientific.


  • Health Insurance: 90% Coverage for Employees and Their First Family with a Human Resource Platform (Contact for more information)
  • 401K Retirement Plan: 100% Company Matching Contribution on the First 3% of Pay that Employee Contributes; 50% Company Matching Contribution on the Next 2% of Pay that Employee Contributes (Company Performance Based Additional Annual Company Retirement Contribution).
  • Every Weekdays Free Lunch at the Corporate Office (Monday-Friday)
  • Relocation Fees Coverage: 100% Coverage for Relocation Upto $8,000 Reimbursement
  • Paid Time Off (PTO): Most Competitive Number of Paid Time Off per Year with Maximum Possible Rollover from Year to Year
  • Cash Bonus: Over the Top and Competitive Salary, Plus Cash and Raise Based Bonuses (Guaranteed and Performance-Based) on Candidate's Criteria Maybe Added to Offer. Additional Upto 5% Raise of Salary Compensations.
  • Special Rewarding Employee Appreciation Programs (Terms and Conditions Are Applied).
  • Paid Parental Leave (Terms and Conditions Are Applied).
  • Incomparable Career Advancement and Growth Opportunity to Join T&T Scientific at this time.