Job Description

T&T Product and Platform Development goals are to continuing the innovation in various areas of research, formulation, and manufacturing technologies of novel nanomedicines, and hiring talented electrical, software, mechanical and biomedical engineers (EE/SWE/ME/BME).

At T&T Scientific, the Product and Platform Development Department leads the continuous impactful innovations and manages the process of developing technology products to enhance and revolutionize existing technologies enhancing existing products via a platform-based system in order to exceed customer and market expectations rapidly and effectively by offering high quality, scalable, fast/easy-operating, low-cost to the marketplace. Product developers in this department will perform research, develop proposals, implement the design process, and prototype, and direct the completed technologies to the manufacturing department for production and scale-up.

Job Responsibilities

  • Creating and Improving Products that Fill a Bold Gaps in the Market and that Let Our Customers and Clients Stay Most Competitive in Quality, Price, Execution, and Speed.
  • Prototyping Products and Softwares' Specifications by Defined Factors and Information Defined by Executive and Marketing Departments.
  • Initiating, Transferring and Supporting Manufacturing and Scale Up Prototypes of New Technologies
  • Performing Market and Scientific Research and Literature Research Materials, Analyze Sales Data, and Market Competitive Demand and Advantages Analysis
  • Developing Novel Ideas and Submitting Proposals and Develop Ideas for Evalution of Leadership for Developing Healthcare Improving Technologies by Government and Partnership Assistances.

Preferred Requirements

Skills: Creativity, Fast Learning, Competitiveness, Ability to Think and Try Ideas for the First Time, Rapidly Fail and Improve, On-time Execution, Hands-on Experimenting, Ingenuity, and Problem Solving.
Experience: Software and Coding (Python and Labview), PLC Programming, Electromechanical System Development, Prototyping, and Implementations, CAD (Autodesk and Solidworks), Designing and Manufacturability Strategies.
Education: There is No Required Education and Degree for Any Position at T&T Scientific.


  • Health Insurance: 90% Coverage for Employees and Their First Family with a Human Resource Platform (Contact for more information)
  • 401K Retirement Plan: 100% Company Matching Contribution on the First 3% of Pay that Employee Contributes; 50% Company Matching Contribution on the Next 2% of Pay that Employee Contributes (Company Performance Based Additional Annual Company Retirement Contribution).
  • Every Weekdays Free Lunch at the Corporate Office (Monday-Friday)
  • Relocation Fees Coverage: 100% Coverage for Relocation Upto $8,000 Reimbursement
  • Paid Time Off (PTO): Most Competitive Number of Paid Time Off per Year with Maximum Possible Rollover from Year to Year
  • Cash Bonus: Over the Top and Competitive Salary, Plus Cash and Raise Based Bonuses (Guaranteed and Performance-Based) on Candidate's Criteria Maybe Added to Offer. Additional Upto 5% Raise of Salary Compensations.
  • Special Rewarding Employee Appreciation Programs (Terms and Conditions Are Applied).
  • Paid Parental Leave (Terms and Conditions Are Applied).
  • Incomparable Career Advancement and Growth Opportunity to Join T&T Scientific at this time.