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Nima Tamaddoni, Ph.D.
President and CEO

Dr. Nima Tamaddoni, the President and CEO at T&T Scientific, is a proven and result-oriented business executive, inventor, and scientist who helped invent, launch, or/and grow several pharmaceutical and medical device technologies and a pharmaceutical nanomedicine manufacturing technology and service platform. Nima has over ten years of academic, industrial, and business experience focused on lipid nanoparticles and liposomes. With leadership, business, and engineering skills, and knowledge, he has successfully led the business growth and multiple pharmaceuticals research, development, and manufacturing service projects and technologyb products at T&T Scientific from preclinical phases to applied commercial manufacturing. Nima founded T&T Scientific in 2015, and his goal has been to build the most customer-centric business in this space to develop and improve technologies and streamline services with minimized bottleneck that increase the efficiency of translating promising medical technology from research and development to scaled-up pharmaceutical manufacturing for clinical trials and approved patient use, all under one roof at the client site or T&T Scientific CDMO.

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