Lipid Nanoparticles for Gene Delivery

T&T Scientific’s ProFECT™ Transfection Kits are a proprietary and patent-protected lipid-based transfection system designed for safe and effective nucleic acid delivery in a broad range of cell types with high viability and low lipid-associated toxicity. ProFECT™, a natural lipid composition comprised of non-cationic phospholipid and sterol components, is modified with functional amino acids for highly efficient encapsulation of DNA, mRNA, siRNA and enhanced intracellular delivery. 

This easy-to-use lipid formulation is intended for preclinical in vitro studies aimed at translational development of DNA, mRNA, and siRNA therapeutics.

 ProFECT(siRNA) Plus (1)
 ProFECT(mRNA) Plus (1)

 ProFECT(DNA) Plus (1)



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