NanoSizer FLOW

NanoSizer FLOW T&T Scientific Technology

NanoSizer FLOWTM: A New Range of Scalable and Continuous Processing Solvent Injection Technology for Preparation and Manufacturing of Lipid Nanoparticles in Different Scales

High-Quality Lipid Nanoparticles made Controlled, Fast and Easy

NanoSizer FLOWTM Applications: Pharmaceuticals Vaccines and Therapeutics, Food and Beverage, Cosmetics, Agriculture, and Other Life Science Areas

NanoSizer FLOWTM Technology Remarks: Complete Process Control, Temperature Control, Inline Dilution, Monodispersed Particles, Pat Enabled, In-line Analytics Options, Continuous and Scalable Technology, GMP Ready

Representative data set below shows HSPC:Chol:DSPG liposomes formed in different sizes with a narrow size distribution (low PDI) by controlling the flow rates at different temperatures.

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We offer a full range of NanoSizer FLOW systems that scales from research & development to manufacturing for nanoparticles (such as liposomes, LNPs, emulsions, polymeric micelles, etc.). Multiple options available, please send an inquiry for additional information. We take our client's confidentiality seriously; if required here is our version of mutual NDA, we will be glad to execute before discussions.


NanoSizer Flow Lipid NanoParticle and Liposome Manufacturing Equipment