A New Range of Scalable and Continuous Processing Solvent Injection Technology for Preparation and Manufacturing of Lipid Nanoparticles in Different Scales

Technology Remarks for Research, Development, and GPM Manufacturing

Complete Process Control

Temperature Control

Inline Dilution

Monodispersed Particles

Inline Analytics & PAT Enabled

Scalable and Continuous

Representative data set below shows HSPC:Chol:DSPG liposomes formed in different sizes with a narrow size distribution (low PDI) by controlling the flow rates at different temperatures.


We offer a full range of NanoSizer FLOW systems that scales from research & development to manufacturing for nanoparticles (such as liposomes, LNPs, emulsions, polymeric micelles, etc.). Multiple options available, please send an inquiry for additional information. We take our client's confidentiality seriously; if required here is our version of mutual NDA, we will be glad to execute before discussions.