Neutral Liposomes

Neutral liposomes are structures made of uncharged lipids and are vastly utilized in gene delivery and transfection applications.

DOPC Liposomes (1)
POPC Liposomes (1)
DPPC Liposomes (1)
DMPC Liposomes (1)
DSPC Liposomes (1)

DLPC Liposomes (1)

DMPC-Chol Liposomes
DPPC-Chol Liposomes
DMPC:Chol:mPEG2000-DSPE Liposomes
DPPC:Chol:mPEG2000-DSPE Liposomes
DSPC:Chol:mPEG2000-DSPE Liposomes
POPC:mPEG2000-DSPE Liposomes
Sphingomyelin Liposomes
Cardiolipin Liposomes (Bovine Heart)



1) Lee, Sangmin, et al. "DNA amplification in neutral liposomes for safe and efficient gene delivery." ACS nano 8.5 (2014): 4257-4267.