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Dr. Nima Tamaddoni is a business executive and scientist, the Chief Executive Officer at T&T Scientific Corp., with ten years of academic, industrial, and business experience focused on lipid nanoparticles and liposomes. With leadership and engineering skills, knowledge, and training, he has successfully led the business growth and multiple pharmaceuticals research, development, and manufacturing projects at T&T Scientific Corporation. His goal at T&T Scientific is to help develop and improve technologies that increase the efficiency of translating promising medical technology from research and development to scaled-up pharmaceutical manufacturing for clinical trials and approved patient use.

Nima's academic research background is rooted extensively in bioinspired materials constructed from lipids, liposomes, membranes, and biomolecules; his research experience was conducted at the University of Tennessee Bioinspired Materials and Transduction Laboratory supervised by Dr. Andy Sarles. Nima's industry experience has involved custom development and manufacturing liposomes for various pharmaceutical customers, and several projects have required working remotely and on-site with top-tier pharmaceutical companies. The combination of his academic and industrial experience provides a strong basic scientific understanding and a real-world appreciation for challenges in versatile and scalable liposomes and lipid nanoparticle production and manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry.

Since founding T&T Scientific, he has managed intra-company global business development projects to develop and improve tools that accelerate liposome and lipid nanoparticle-related research, development, and manufacturing.He helped lead the successful development and launch of multiple products in our NanoSizer product line, which provides scalable options for a cleaner, faster, and easier low-cost production of liposomes and lipid nanoparticles. Researchers and pharmaceutical manufacturers are using T&T NanoSizer devices in academia and industry in over 50 countries. We are expanding our product portfolio with a continuous solvent injection and exchange technology called NanoSizer FLOW. 12 patents and 3 trademarks protect T&T Scientific's technologies.

Leadership Qualities: Product Design, Invention, Conceptualization, Risk Analysis, Risk-Taking & Failure Focused - Never Stop Experimenting - Resilience & Persistence Work Under Pressure - Results-Oriented for Products and Financials - Customer 1st - Employees 2nd- Partners 3rd - Competition Last - Sourcing - Deals Negotiating - and Cost Saving - Maintaining High-Profit Margin - and Staying Competitive - Team Building - Networking