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Thank you for considering T&T Scientific for your project. We are happy to talk to provide you with a one-hour free consultation and a proposal for your review. Please simply fill out the form below and one of our scientists will contact you shortly.

  • Fill out the form below and one of our scientists or project manager will contact you shortly.
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  • Free Initial Consultation: We set up an hour of a free consultation with one or team of our scientists
  • T&T Proposal: A proposal from T&T Scientific on the project will be prepared and sent to you for your review.
  • Revisions: Our team will closely work with you to modify and reiterate the proposal as needed.
  • Finalization and Signatures: After the revisions agreed by the client, the proposal will be signed by both parties.
  • T&T scientists are always available during the project to answer questions, and periodically report the project progress to the client.